QUALITYFRY, in collaboration with Vestfold Fulg, presented its automatic fryer FAST CHEF ELITE at the largest casual and fast food fair of the Nordic countries. The FASTFOOD & CAFE RESTAURANT 2015 Expo, which was held on 11th and 12th February in Lillestrom, Norway, brought together over 300 exhibitors who research and develop products and equipment to improve the quality of food and cooking processes in this foodservice sector.

In collaboration with the food producer Vestfold Fugl, the QualityFry team presented its FAST CHEF ELITE automatic fryer at the FASTFOOD & CAFE RESTAURANT 2015 fair, where fast food was confirmed to be a growing market in Europe.

Although it is true that Spain and Italy are amongst the industrialised countries with the lowest consumption of fast food (according to a recent study by the EAE Business School*), it is striking to see how much per-capita spending on fast food has increased in Spain over recent years. The wide variety of casual and fast food services (self-service restaurants, take-aways, stands, vans, etc.) has helped to diversify and promote a fast food model in Spain which is committed to providing quality products at an affordable price.

At a national level, fast food is developing in directions which have given rise to the food truck or street food movement, such as the event held this weekend in Madrid (MadrEAT) with the presence of over 50 trucks, carts and stalls bringing together the very best of national and international gastronomy (including Michelin-starred restaurants) at popular prices. Every month, QUALITYFRY participates in this culinary event with its FAST CHEF ELITE automatic fryer which offers environmentally-friendly cooking (producing no smoke or odours) on board the Taberna Arzábal foodtruck, thereby helping to improve the environmental impact of this kind of business in the urban setting.

Fast food is without doubt an emerging market in Europe which is changing the rules of the game, or indeed creating its own rules. The forecasts, according to the above-mentioned EAE Business School study, predict growth for this business in Spain. In 2016, spending on this kind of food will increase to as much as 1.93 billion euros, 68 million euros more than in 2013 (3.65% more).

*Fast Food Spending 2014. EAE Business School.

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