Single hopper and forget about unnecessary clogs
QUALITYFRY Blog Get to know the benefits of the single hopper and forget about unnecessary clogs

Get to know the benefits of the single hopper and forget about unnecessary clogs

At QualityFry, we specialize in offering innovative solutions for professional frying. For this reason, within our product range, we offer iQ equiment with single hopper. Here are the benefits of using it in your business.

  1. Avoids flour jams

The single hopper is ideal for working with floured products, as it avoids possible clogging due to flour residue. This ensures continuous and uninterrupted operation, maintaining production efficiency and quality.


  1. High-production single-product business

If your business is based on production of a single type of product few types of product, in large quantities, the simple hopper is your best ally. Facilitates uncomplicated handling of large production volumes, allowing a smoother and more efficient operation.

  1. Delicate products

For those who work with delicate products such as meat or fresh fish, the single hopper is perfect. Its design minimizes automatic movement, reducing the risk of breakage and ensuring that products maintain their integrity and quality.

  1. Simplification for a service without peak hours

In businesses with a linear service and no peak hours, the single hopper simplifies the use and handling of the products. Its simple and efficient design facilitates daily operation, optimizing workflow and improving productivity.


  1. Fast and efficient regeneration

Regenerates your products in only 30 seconds, guaranteeing a texture and flavor as freshly made. This is especially useful in situations where speed is required without compromising quality.


The QualityFry single hopper offers multiple benefits that can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of your cooking operation. From avoiding flour jams to protecting delicate products and facilitating mass production, this tool is essential for any business pro


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