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HOSPITALITY SOS – problems with the smoke vent…

A deficient smoke vent may lead to a restaurant business having many difficulties with the Local Administration, and even the closure of the business. Discover how to put an end to the smoke and odours that threaten the success of your bar.

With the growth of the organised restaurant sector* and the beginning of what is expected will be the best season for gastronomy and tourism in Spain, many premises still have limited billing and business growth possibilities due to a difficulty which is more widespread than it seems: a kitchen with a deficient smoke vent and without the adequate technological equipment to solve this problem. The fear of an injunction from the Local Administration which threatens to close the premises makes businesspeople to choose to offer only cold tapas or limit their menu, losing out on a large business margin compared with their competitors, who may serve hot dishes in the busiest hours, especially at lunch and dinner times when the average bill becomes the great lifeline of the profit and loss account.

The good news for owners of bars with smoke vent problems, with limitations in their operating licence or with some injunction from the City Council is that an automated fryer is available on the market, whose technology allows a wide variety of hot dishes to be served without the need for an extractor hood or installations which remove smoke and odours.

Fast Chef Elite has been a revolution in the world of automated machinery for hospitality, as it has helped restaurant businesses without installations for the extraction of smoke, including those without kitchens, to operate with total success, offering quality products at a good price and with a high profit margin.


Having a machine that provides a simple solution to the administrative difficulties posed by the granting of an Operating Licence or the legal response to an injunction for a smoke vent is a great advantage for both businesspeople with experience in the sector and young entrepreneurs who are starting their first gastronomic projects.

According to the municipal ordinance of Madrid** this type of airtight fryer, which does not emit smoke or vapour, with up to 94% reduction of odours and with power of under 10kw does not require the installation of extractor hoods in the kitchen areas, thereby simplifying the establishment of any restaurant project.


Undertaking renovations in an establishment to adapt it to the smoke exhaust regulations in effect involves – along with investment in machinery – up to 30% of the overall budget of the project. This leads many businesspeople to abandon their determination to rent a specific commercial space, even if it is the best located and most suitable for their business. With Fast Chef Elite, no more work is required than that which provides true value to the development of your business.


The most innovative fryer on the market opens up new possibilities in the sector as it is viable for a gastronomic project in any type of space, with or without a kitchen, with or without installations for smoke extraction. This unique factor has earned the Seal of Excellence within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme, which promotes industrial leadership in Europe and strengthens the scientific basis of business projects.

You will not need to make emergency calls; just phone QUALITYFRY on 913 759 567 and book your place on the free Fast Chef demonstration in your city, and problems with the smoke vent will be over.

*Organised restaurant chains are those growing most, with sales increased by 7.8% according to the report from market research company The NPD Group.

 ** Article 54 General Ordinance of Madrid City Council for the Protection of the Urban Environment