HOST 2021: QualityFry will show its latest innovations in Milan
QUALITYFRY Our Blog HOST 2021: QualityFry will show in Milan the technological advances of its equipment for professional kitchens

HOST 2021: QualityFry will show in Milan the technological advances of its equipment for professional kitchens

QualityFry will be present in the next edition of HOST 2021 from october 22 to 26 to discover its last innovations for the Horeca & Foodservice sector. Visit us at Pav 1P – Stand F09 G10 of Fiera Milano.

HOST 2021

Host Milano is a biannual fair considered the biggest professional hospitality fair at an international level where the most important communities in the sector meet. In this edition and due to the crisis caused by the pandemic, the core is focused on innovation, sustainability, and apecially about technology and security.

Among the latest advances, the launch of the Fiera Milano Platform is being prepared, it is a new platform dedicated to the entire community of the horeca sector: exhibitors, visitors, buyers, journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders, for the reactivation of the sector.

Fiera Milano Platform is going to create a great ecosystem of services, which includes reinforcing the content of the fair’s sites and social networks; the synergy between physical and digital meetings, and the preparation of catalogs for the presentation and sale of products.. In addition, they will launch a digital map that will allow remote participation, with the aim of making the experience of the events hybrid, combining new digital formats while maintaining the presence of the public at the same time.

QualityFry presents its innovations

For the 42nd edition of HOST MILANO, QualityFry brings its range of smoke and odor-free fryers that facilitate a sustainable, healthy kitchen, without environmental emissions and more efficient at the energy level.

QualityFry will present the most ambitious proyect of its equipment for the catering and hospitality industry, the iQ 1000 Carrousel model, this new product offers a larger oil capacity of 10 litres, which translates into a higher kg/h production. This allows 800 g of a single product to be fried at a time, or 500 g per portion when frying two products at the same time. Along with the increase in production, the extraction and condensation capacity has been improved by 60%. In addition, the air extraction system controls the emission of hot air, preventing the transmission of odours during the frying process.

Also, it will expose other important innovations such as the new iQ 640 FES Carrousel, awarded with the SMART LABEL, for the designed for products capable of determining significant evolutions in the various reference sectors of

The full range of QualityFry equipment offers traditional frying in record time, thanks to its special design it minimizes heat losses, keeps the oil at the optimum temperature and speeds up frying time. And due to their size, style and design, they are ideal to support restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, convenience stores, newsstands, train stations, airports, shopping centers,among many other types of businesses where fast service is needed, of high quality and without environmental emissions.

Food made by the iQ QualityFry models incorporate ECOFRY technology, that shorten frying times by 27% and reduce oil consumption by 37%, which means not only an improvement in product performance but also alower content of fat absorbed by the food, btaining a healthier and higher quality frying.

These characteristics represent a competitive advantage for the catering and hospitality businesses that have been endorsed by several technical-scientific studiesas well as by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Program promoted by the European Union under agreement 805754.

Showcooking at Pav 1P – Stand F09 G10

During the event, we invite you to live the authentic QualityFry Experience at our stand, with live demonstrations. Join us and discover how with our equipment it is possible to cook both fresh and frozen products, sweet or salty, and all without mixing their flavors.

We will show first hand how to take full advantage of our ecofry technology, without smoke and without odors.

¡Come and discover our latest innovations! Visit us at Pav 1P – Stand F09 G10.