The Spanish company has the best equipment for hotels in automatic kitchen machines without smoke and without odors,which allow it to offer an attractive food concept, even if it has little space or few staff.

QualityFry, an innovative Spanish company in kitchen automation, through its In agreement with Globe by Serglohot and its partner Econocom,it makes its intelligent smoke-free and odor-free automatic kitchen system available to the hotel sector, which will allow hotels to expand their offer of 24-hour room service through appetizers, hamburgers, fish, meat and desserts.

The innovative qualityFry equipment, compact and reliable, not only stands out for its design, but also guarantees the resistance, durability and reliability that professionals in the hotel sector require. Its filter system incorporated in the entire range of QualityFry fryers, makes it an ideal equipment for hotels since it does not need to carry out additional works.

Premium equipment for a 24 hour service

After the decline experienced in recent years due to the health situation, the world of hotel catering is strongly committed to making its business profitable again and QualityFry is the ideal solution. Thanks to its automatic and intelligent system, this professional kitchen equipment does not require additional or specialized personnel and offers endless possibilities, both in the Urban hotels and Resorts sectors.

We are in a scenario in which operators invest more and more in optimizing their different services (restaurant lunches and dinners, breakfasts, room service, bar, chill out, events, etc.) to diversify their gastronomic proposal and differentiate themselves from the competition. making profitable certain previously underused services. Therefore, QualityFry offers the possibility of create a varied menu with fresh, frozen, sweet and salty foods at their optimum point, in record time and fully automatically. Expanding the menu on a restaurant service and focusing it to attract customers who do not necessarily stay at the hotel is the great strategy to position the brand and attract and retain current customers.
Fry, regenerate and seal. Hotels will be able to offer a perfect cuisine in a simple and profitable way with high turnover products, whether fresh, frozen, sweet or salty. It also offers the option of regeneration that restores the golden and crisp surface of any food, even if it has been cooked for a long time. Finally, it allows to seal the food, preserving the juices, flavor and nutritional properties of the same.

Plug & play machines for autonomous service

QualityFryand its smoke-free and odor-free equipment also allow us to offer a Food & Beverage service thanks to the fact that they can cook without the installation of kitchens, without the need for a smoke outlet or extractor hood.

Another advantage is that the brand’s equipment is Plug & Play, that is, they only need an electrical outlet to start cooking, since it is a single-phase equipment.. In addition, they can be installed in different locations offering autonomy and mobility thanks to their reduced dimensions. Kitchen space will not be a problem.

Download the Food & Beverage guide, in search of optimization

QualityFry puts at your disposal the guide Food & Beverage. In search of optimization, a complete document in which you can discover the latest trends. Food & Beverage has more and more weight in the sales of a hotel establishment, therefore, operators invest in optimizing their different services (restaurant lunches and dinners, breakfasts, room service, bar, chill out, events, etc.) to diversify your gastronomic proposal and differentiate yourself from the competition by making profitable certain previously underused services.

In this guide you will find:

  • Strategies to grow the Food & Beverage business. How to grow your F&B business with new catering services.
  • Make the spaces in the hotels profitable. Efficiency in the management of restaurant spaces.
  • Delivery at the hotel? Launch of breakfasts and menus at home as an extension of its kitchen services.
  • QualityFry, the automatic solution. Safe. NO SMOKE. NO ODOURS. QualityFry benefits to innovate your business.
  • Prepare your menu. Complement your offer with freshly cooked food. Create a more varied and attractive menu for your target audience.


You can download the guide by clicking here.

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At QualityFry, based in Madrid and manufacturing in Bembibre, León, we contribute to the progress of professional cuisine through the design and manufacture of automatic smoke-free and odor-free frying technology. Through our experience as an innovative company, we offer quality frying that is safe, healthy and sustainable. We operate in the national and international territory both in Europe, America and Asia.

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