Innovation at its best: new iQ 1000
QUALITYFRY News Innovation at its best: new iQ 1000

Innovation at its best: new iQ 1000


Countless technical improvements, hours of work in software development, electronics and components and a great commitment to innovation, among other factors, have resulted in the new iQ 1000 professional fryer, as part of the QualityFry product portfolio.

This vertical and closed fryer, which thanks to its Ecofry techonology, no smoke, no odors, with the capacity to cook up to two products at the same time, without mixing of flavors, has gone through a process of reinvention to make the user experience moreproductive and efficient, saving up to 24% in energy consumption, 37% in oil and 27% in cooking time.

But to make this happen, the entire QualityFry team has put its efforts into including a number of new featuresimproving several points of the deep fryer, from the redesign of the product inlet system or a monitored extraction controlor a new software which allows for new utilities with enhanced functionality.

Innovation sets us apart, but to do so, it is essential to realize operational and high performance test that enable us to verify, time and time again, that these technical and technological advances not only work, but that they work perfectly, which is why each of our iQ models is subjected to rigorous performance tests in our facilities before leaving the factory.

And so that you can see for yourself that all this is true, we invite you tobook a free demo, live or remotely. This way you will be able to check and see first hand all the functionalities offered by QualityFry equipment and the versatility it provides when preparing a complete and healthy menu in a simple and agile way for your business.


Do not hesitate, book your free demo and come to meet us.

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