Keep your business in top shape with QUALITYCARE
QUALITYFRY News Keep your business in top shape with QUALITYCARE

Keep your business in top shape with QUALITYCARE

Nowadays, quality and trust are essential, that is why, from QualityFry, we have created QualityCare a service designed to offer peace of mind, security and the idea of providing a comprehensive maintenance service, allowing iQ equipment to always be kept in optimal conditions and without surprises.

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What is QualityCare?

QualityCare offers two service options, designed to suit different needs: Basic and Premium.


Benefits of QualityCare

QualityCare not only offers peace of mind through a comprehensive and transparent service, but also provides a number of key customer benefits:

  • Fixed price: avoid cost surprises by having a fixed price for the service.
  • Specialized professionals: each visit is performed by highly trained technicians, ensuring the highest quality in maintenance.
  • Original spare parts: the maintenance kits include original parts that guarantee optimum performance.
  • Performance optimization: regular and preventive maintenance improves equipment efficiency, extending its service life.
  • Additional protection: the extended warranty on the Premium option offers an additional year of coverage, providing complete protection.

Why choose QualityCare?

Peace of mind and trust

With QualityCare, iQ equipment owners can rest easy knowing that their equipment is in expert hands. Each maintenance visit includes a complete inspection, ensuring that any potential problems are detected and fixed in a timely manner.


Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential to avoid costly repairs and unexpected downtime. Scheduled visits and maintenance kits included in both options help keep the equipment in optimal condition.

Flexibility and convenience

QualityCare offers the flexibility to choose between Basic and Premium options, allowing customers to find the plan that best suits their needs and budget.


Long-term value

Investing in QualityCare means investing in equipment longevity and performance. The extended warranty on the Premium option adds additional value by providing an extra year of coverage.


To get QualityCare, simply contact us at or your nearest QualityFry distributor to select the plan that best suits your needs. From that moment on, our technicians will coordinate maintenance visits and provide the necessary kits to ensure optimal performance.

QualityCare is an initiative that offers exceptional value through a comprehensive and transparent maintenance service. Whether you choose the Basic or Premium option, you can be sure that your equipment will be in the best hands. The combination of quality preventive maintenance, original spare parts and specialized technicians makes QualityCare the perfect choice to keep your equipment, and therefore your business, running smoothly.


Wait no longer! Join QualityCare and experience peace of mind knowing that your equipment is always in top condition.

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