Grocerants have become a retail business model that is here to stay. In this way, they are part of the consumer trends – we don´t have much time to cook and we cook as a hobby – and they have begun to offer ready-to-eat products in their business and also to take away. Next, we explain the main guidelines, tips and the importance of equipment.


In recent years, the mass consumer sector has begun to hear the term grocerant, which is the name given to establishments that are half “grocery” and half “restaurant”.

Therefore, as its definition indicates, a grocerant is intended so that the consumer can make the purchase and at the same time, eat the products made in the same establishment. A different business model that seeks to satisfy the needs of a niche market that wants comfort, a good price and does not have time to cook.

The main supermarket chains are those that are committed to this business model, since consuming the products directly in the store opens an opportunity for customers to taste meals made with ingredients and products of the establishment. In this way, users will choose other products that were not previously part of their shopping list.

A trend that is growing in supermarkets and each time they seek to innovate the way in which they offer their services to customers such as: kitchens that offer hot meals, food display with: sushi, snacks, croquettes, potatoes, burguers, etc, area with tables and chairs to eat in, varied gastronomic offer, microwave to heat food, offer complete breakfasts; all with competitive prices and more options that are constantly updated.

There are three fundamental advantages that are leading grocerants to the top of mass consumption:

Convenience and speed: The greatest advantage for grocerants is offering the possibility of shopping and eating in the same place, saving time traveling and being able to choose their own menu and taste it immediately.

Competitive prices: They promote savings for the consumer because the customer pays exclusively for the food they choose and not for table service.

Healthy menus: Since the dishes are prepared on site with fresh products and at the consumer’s choice, the options are simple, nutritious and low in calories.

With which, the merger of grocerys and restaurants have ended the gap that existed between these two types of establishments, enriching the options for customers to choose from.


The lack of a kitchen and the limitation of space are one of the challenges that supermarkets face that set their sights on becoming a grocerant. For this reason, we present the technology without smoke or odors developed in all QualityFry equipment, which is established as the best ally of this business model. We explain why:

1. No smoke vent or extraction hood

QualityFry equipment can cook without the need for fumes and without an extractor hood. We have developed an innovative filter system that completely eliminates fumes, radically minimizes frying odors and allows you to fry different foods in the same oil without mixing their flavors.

In this way there is no contamination in the environment and thanks to their reduced dimensions they can be located anywhere in the prepared food section of the grocerants. In addition, being single-phase they only need an electrical outlet to start cooking.

2. Security

The frying chamber is built with a double layer of stainless steel (AISI 304 L) that isolates the high temperatures inside and absolutely protects the operator and his environment.

It is a closed machine that cooks with a very low concentration of oxygen, guaranteeing safety. Its simple and fast control allows to eliminate the errors of manipulation by the staff.

3. Speed and standardization of kitchen processes

Its innovative design allows you to program 6 portions at the same time, 2 in the frying chamber and 4 in the carrousel, without the need to recharge. All this in record time and fully automatically.

It is a machine capable of frying autonomously, shortening cooking times. It allows to fry in record time several types of food at the same time (salty and sweet) or consecutively, without mixing their flavors and achieving a high standard in the quality of frying in all locations.

Due to the great possibilities offered to the segment and thanks to the facilities that you find in the equipment, this sector will generate a very large impact on convenience restaurants. The approach to the concept of hospitality, the increase in the gastronomic offer, the agreements with home service platforms, the inclusion of adequate spaces for the consumption of the products cooked in situ of fresh produce from the supermarket in front of the user himself … make ready-to-go spaces become the future of retail.