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New QualityFry Accessories Brochure

It is important to QualityFry that your cooking experience is complete, not only with the use of our smoke and odor free cooking equipment. But also in food management and equipment hygiene. For this reason, we have developed our accessories portfolio with useful and high quality products that meet the requirements of the most demanding cooks.

Innovation and Quality with QualityFry

QualityFry means innovation and efficiency in the kitchen. Its iQ models are designed to optimize frying processes, guaranteeing perfect results with less energy, oil and time consumption. Now, we have joined forces to offer a range of accessories that perfectly complement this equipment for more efficient kitchen management.

What will you find in our portfolio?

  1. High Quality Kitchen Tools:
  • Professional shovels and tongs: Heat resistant, ideal for handling food with precision and safety.
  • Food basket and bucket: Made of stainless steel. Ideal to be placed in the output tray of the machine so that the product falls directly and facilitates the plating of the food.
  • Mini product tray kit: Stainless steel tray compatible with all iQ equipment, ideal for self-service businesses.
  • Other items: oil measuring jug, anti-cutting gloves, etc.
  1. Complementary accessories to iQ equipment:
  • Maintenance and oil filtering kit: complete kits recommended for the proper functioning of the QualityFry equipment and for the correct oil management.
  • Retrofit kits: kits for upgrading iQ 6 models.
  • Other items: Blind cover, non-return valve, keys.
  1. Cleaning Products:
  • Degreasing products: Specific products tested by QualityFry to guarantee hygiene and food safety. Several sizes.
  • Cleaning cabinet and bucket: Support cabinet and 40ltrs bucket ideal for soaking utensils.
  • Other products: Stainless steel spray cleaner.

How to Obtain Our New Brochure?

It is always available by contacting our wide network of distributors both nationally and internationally. Do not hesitate to contact us at for more information or to place your order.

We’re here to help you take your kitchen to the next level!

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