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No smoke vent in bars and restaurants. All you need to know

Solving the smoke vent is one of the things to consider if we want to open or increase the sales of our bar. Many businesses have been forced to close their activity due to requirements of the local administration in relation to the emission of smoke and odors. Here we give you the details so that does not happen to you.

Knowing how to manage the smoke exhaust in the restaurant business is a huge advantage when making decisions about the project. To avoid unwanted surprises when obtaining the Activity License, it is essential to verify if the extraction facilities comply with current regulations or if the kitchen equipment has advanced technology that eliminates fumes and odors, such as the equipment developed by QUALITYFRY.

The hospitality is considered a Qualified Activity, for which the City Councils must grant an explicit authorization for its operation. Whether you decide to put a business in a space that previously was dedicated to the same activity (transfer), or if you are going to start or change activity, you must take into account the approval of the Administration, after submitting technical reports, among them, the environmental impact.

Installations such as chimneys and extraction hoods enabled to extract fumes and gases generated by the kitchens of bars and restaurants, must meet a series of requirements that guarantee that the fumes are eliminated correctly, in safe conditions and without disturbing the community of neighbors.

Installing a extrator hoods connected to a chimney requires complex procedures, including the express and unanimous authorization of the community of owners to enable an escape route and solve the smoke outlet. This type of installation requires great technical difficulty and a significant cost in the initial investment of the business.

Carrying out renovations in a premises to adapt it to current smoke outlet regulations represents, together with the investment in hospitality machinery, 30% of the overall project budget. Many members of the FoodService Sector are inhibited when choosing the most suitable place for their business due to problems with the smoke outlet. They are unaware that there is truly pioneering hospitality machinery such as the innovative FCE+ Carrousel and FCE+ Gourmet, which can make their goals a reality while maintaining a balance in costs.


With these ventless automatic fryers it is possible to eliminate problems with the emission of fumes and vapors, even to operate without an extractor hood as demonstrated in several QualityFry customers videos.

What elements make FCE+ a profitable investment when it comes to solving the smoke vent?
    1. It has a filter system that eliminates fumes and minimizes frying odors. It expels only dry air free of odor particles, thanks to an extraction system that uses a double settling stage and a third filtration stage through high concentration activated carbon.

    2. It has an innovative closed and vertical frying module, versus to the horizontal and open vats historically used in professional kitchens.

    3. It operates by immersion frying, without alterations in the oil temperature during frying. With this technique, cooking times are very short and the food absorbs less fat, which results in a healthy and crisp frying.

    4. It allows frying with no light, with hardly any oxygen. Active particles and food water are removed from the oil, keeping the oil free from product residues and extending its useful life.

    5. Its ecofry technology has been awarded the European Commission’s Seal of Excellence and has won other awards such as: QUALITY INNOVATION AWARD from CEX as a pioneering technological innovation applied to a traditional culinary process and SMART LABEL at Host Milano for facilitating sustainable cuisine, healthy, without environmental emissions and more efficient at the energy level.

    6. It has certifying certificates for the emission of smoke or odors. To guarantee the benefits of Ecofry technology, QualityFry has carried out a series of technical controls of chemical agents (amines, alcohols, organic vapors and odoriferous compounds) in its equipment, which prove that it does not emit smoke or odors. A copy of the essay is available upon request via email

If you do not have an extraction hood as required by current legislation and you need to solve the smoke vent, QUALITYFRY can help you. Call us at 913 759 567 or write to and we will surprise you.