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On the Go gastronomy, On the Go catering

With tourism increasingafter the pandemic, travelers’ movements are growing. In places as gas stations, airports, train or bus stations, or ports, must increase their services, including catering services On The Go catering to meet the demands of the environment. This places must provide simplicity in service for the traveler and short waiting times..

On The Go catering, reached a turnover of €775 million,in 2021, representing a 33.6% growth compared to the previous year. However, and without yet surpassing pre-pandemic figures, a very positive growth horizon for this sector can be expected.

This is why great efforts are made by restaurateurs who have restaurants or kiosks in these macro facilities, to offer an optimal quality of service, where waiting times are adapted to the customer on the move and reduced to a minimum. In addition, more and more elaborate menus are being offered, under certain criteria such as self-service food preparationor preparation in record time, criteria that, in addition, set the trends in the sector so as not to keep travelers waiting. a traveler who has no time between stopovers, transfers or reduced waiting time to start your journey.

These business models are located inside these facilities, or even inside large means of transportation such as trains or ships, where, in many cases, it is unfeasible to install a smoke vent and cooking odors are not considered, given the physical proximity of the customer. For this reason, cooking machines are required that do not produce fumes or odors, and that also provide agility, speed and simplicity of service. Thanks to the IQ models of QualityFry fryers and their EcoFry technology, all the requirements of On The Go catering are gathered in a single fryer, which will allow you to prepare a complete menu in a simple way and in just a few minutes.

Moreover, thanks to its simplicity of use, even the traveling customers will be able to create their own menu in which a wide gastronomic offer , hanks to the wide range of foods that can be cooked in the QualityFry fryers, for example:

  • Appetizers such as croquettes, nachos or samosas
  • Main course such as meats, fish or vegetable proteins
  • Side dishes such as vegetables or French fries
  • Desserts such as cakes or fruits

In this way, and thanks to thousands of recipe combinations, it is possible to achieve a quality and healthy menu, hat meets the paradigm shift demanded by the traveler. Who increasingly wants to enjoy elaborate dishes and leave behind the classic sandwich and soft drink.

Request a demo in order to to see what QualityFry fryers can do for your On the Go catering.

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