Multifunctional: oven, fryer and grill in one unit
QUALITYFRY Blog Oven, griddle and deep fryer in a single unit, versatility in your hands

Oven, griddle and deep fryer in a single unit, versatility in your hands

From QualityFry, we always try to give the best of ourselves and be at the forefront of culinary technology, that is why we offer innovative solutions to ensure the best quality in every dish. Thus we have created the iQ equipment making a generation of multifunctional devices designed to suit the cooking needs of a wide variety of products. Its versatility means that, depending on the type of food it can behave as an oven, a fryer or a grill. This feature ensures that each product has the ideal finish, maintaining its optimum flavor and texture.

Thanks to the many hours of study and experimentation of our iQ equipment specialist chef, Jorge Martinez, we have proven the versatility of our equipment. Their functionality has been rigorously evaluated with different types of products, generating a wide variety of recipes that confirm their multifunctionality.

All this, plus the technology of iQ user friendly equipment, we customize the cooking process, finding the perfect cooking point for each product, without adding difficulty or costly processes for your staff.

With all of this, you will be able to offer a wide variety of recipes to your guests, with a single device and without any added difficulty..

Grilled, with the best flavor

Fresh products, such as vegetables, meats, fish and fruits, are the basis of our diet and countless recipes. Thanks to the iQ equipment, you will be able to offer this type of products, grilled or sautéed. This configuration allows the food to cook evenly, obtaining a perfect browning and preserving its juiciness. In addition, this type of cooking brings out the natural flavors and provides a crispy texture on the outside while maintaining tenderness on the inside.



Less oil, the healthier fryer

Battered and frozen products offer a quick and delicious solution toyour diners. With this type of product the iQ equipment becomes a foolproof fryer, and thanks to our patented technology Ecofry, the product undergoes a drying process that eliminates excess oil to obtain a healthier product. In this way, we ensure a fast and uniform cooking, we reduce oil consumption by up to 27% and offer an appetizing and healthy result without compromising taste or texture.



Baked… in a few minutes

Baked dishes always have a special and classic touch that your customers like so much. For products that require a baked finish, such as certain vegetables, fish or meats, iQ equipment offer cooking similar to that of a traditional oven. This function allows to cook evenly, achieving a slightly crispy exterior and a tender, juicy interior . Providing the product with an optimum fat-free flavor.



From QualityFry we are committed to offering your customers the highest quality products and recipes and the devices that facilitate their preparation. iQ equipment is the perfect example of how innovation and technology can transform the kitchen, ensuring that every QF product is enjoyed at its best, in standardized and simple processes, while standardizing the product, so that no matter what day your customer visits you, the finish of your recipe will always be the same.

We believe we can add value to your business and we want to prove it to you. So, if you want to discover how iQ equipment can enhance your culinary experience, book a free demo and enjoy the advantages that our equipment offers.

Your kitchen will never be the same again!

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