Qualityfry and JC Benelux at HORECAVA 2024
QUALITYFRY News Qualityfry & JC Benelux: Automatic Smart Cooking at HORECAVA 2024

Qualityfry & JC Benelux: Automatic Smart Cooking at HORECAVA 2024

QualityFry and its Dutch partner, JC Benelux, joined forces to mark their presence at the most recent edition of HORECAVA, the prestigious trade fair held from 8 to 11 January in Amsterdam. In this exciting event, which brings together professionals and experts in the global hospitality and restaurant industry, these two companies provided an impressive display of their most recent innovations.

QualityFry, a foodtech company known for its revolutionary fume- and odor-free frying technology, and its Dutch partner, JC Benelux, showcased the best of their solutions designed to improve efficiency in professional kitchens. Beyond simply preparing food, both companies have introduced technologies that stand out for their focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact.


Visitors to HORECAVA had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in professional kitchen and participate in live demonstrations of QualityFry’s equipment together with JC Benelux. From innovative cooking machines to advanced filtration systems, thanks to Ecofry technology, the companies demonstrated their commitment to quality and excellence in customer service.


This strategic collaboration not only strengthened the position of QualityFry and JC Benelux as leaders in the smoke-free hospitality equipment marketin the Netherlands, but also demonstrated their commitment to continuous innovation and the development of solutions adapted to the changing needs of the industry.

With the success achieved at HORECAVA 2024, QualityFry and JC Benelux are poised to continue advancing their mission to provide cutting-edge technology that enhances culinary expertise and promotes sustainable practices in the global foodservice industry. Their participation in this emblematic fair has positioned them as undisputed leaders in the international hostelry and restaurant industry.

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