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QUALITYFRY News QUALITYFRY receives 1.3 million euros from the European Commission as part of the SME Instrument programme

QUALITYFRY receives 1.3 million euros from the European Commission as part of the SME Instrument programme

The project developed by QualityFry has received funding from the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme, promoted by the European Union under agreement 805754.

The ecofry technology developed by QUALITYFRY in its machinery for the hotel and restaurant sector has received recognition from the European Commission, and funding from the SME Instrument project Phase 2 within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme. SME Instrument is a highly competitive project, the objective of which is to promote, advise and fund small and medium European enterprises developing technologies and products with the potential to transform the market, aimed at improving productivity, energy efficiency and sustainability.

QUALITYFRY is one of the 69 companies in 22 countries selected in the latest call of Phase 2 of SME Instrument, to which 2,123 proposals were made in 16 categories. The total amount for distribution in phase 2 is 105 million euros, of which QUALITYFRY will receive 1.3 million. Each project will receive up to 2.5 million euros to fund the research and development of its innovative technology for a period of two years, through the design of prototypes, perfecting of processes, performance verifications, etc. The companies will also benefit from 12 days of free business coaching and commercial acceleration services.

Enterprises must meet the highest expectations in order to access SME Instrument funding, and demonstrate talent, differentiation and chances of success. Only 4% of proposals in category SMEInst-07-2016-2017 have received subsidies — Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for sustainable and competitive agriculture, forestry, agri-food and bio-based sectors in which the ecofry automatic frying technology for the HoReCa sector was presented.

According to the European Community, this type of specific funding will allow the most brilliant ideas to reach the market faster so that they can be applied in cities, hospitals, factories, shops and households as early as possible. In other words, they are committed to projects which generate the growth of markets, social well-being and the production of quality science.

100% Spanish technology

QUALITYFRY has also obtained the Seal of Excellence within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. This seal is awarded by the European Commission to enterprises that promote technologies and applications aimed at improving European competitiveness. With the current subsidy conceded in Phase 2 of the SME Instrument programme, the company makes a step towards consolidating and developing new products based on know-how which is revolutionising the world of professional kitchens and the hotel and restaurant trade.

This emerging technology, of 100% Spanish creation, allows frying to take place in premises without a smoke extraction system. Its application allows the development of a more competitive market without environmental emissions, which is more sustainable, healthier and more energy efficient. According to the latest controls carried out by accredited external companies (ENAC), the Fast Chef Elite fryer which incorporates this technology emits just 0.05% of the smells produced by a traditional fryer and which are perceived by human beings, and is more efficient than a traditional frying solution with exhaust hood.

Healthy, safe and sustainable frying: 24% energy savings

By cooking food with a fryer such as Fast Chef Elite that incorporates ecofry technology, frying times are reduced by 27% and oil consumption by 37%. Not only does this imply an improvement in performance of the product, but also a lower fat content absorbed by the food, resulting in healthier and higher-quality frying. This is a highly energy-efficient technology with certified Savings of 24% electrical operation costs compared to traditional frying equipment.

In 2017, Spanish companies were the most successful in the European Commission SME Instrument programmes. In the last round, 43 Spanish SMEs received this subsidy (27 in Phase 1 and 16 in Phase 2). They were followed by Italy (22 in Phase 1 and 11 in phase 2), Switzerland (22 in Phase 1), Sweden (6 in Phase 2) and Germany (5 in Phase 2). The majority of winning projects belong to the areas of Transport, Energy and ICT.