QualityFry solutions to grow your non-oil business
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QualityFry solutions to grow your non-oil business

Key service station projects include the incorporation of small supermarkets and take-away food corners. Here’s how to grow your non oil business with a freshly made food corner.

The service stations have set as a priority the growth of their non-oil business, products and services not related to energy supply, to take advantage of the competitive advantages of the great capillarity of our stations, distributed around the world, and the value of our brand, associated with quality and innovation. This strategy includes services that provide added value to the consumer, in order to build consumer loyalty and attract others to act as prescribers. Among the key projects of this business are the incorporation of small supermarkets and take-out food corners. But what should you keep in mind?

Growing your non oil business

Just as many gas stations are including small supermarkets or convenience stores, it is becoming more and more common to find take-away food areas within these spaces. In this way, service stations are becoming a place of relaxation/leisure for customers.

Gas stations are no longer just for refueling, they are also places to fill the shopping basket, have a coffee, wash the car or pick up a package purchased online. The implementation of supermarkets in service stations has been a key element in the transformation of these spaces as platforms that offer multiple services to consumers, with 7,700 convenience stores linked to them, according to figures provided by Informa’s DBK Sector Observatory.

Another trend that will favor the Stop&Go model is legislation, since in many countries gas stations will have to adapt. Through this model, your customers are given a new option to make a more complete purchase in a place where they were already forced to stop.

The lack of a kitchen and limited space are some of the challenges facing gas stations that are looking to become a leisure space for passers-by. For this reason, the smoke and odor-free technology developed in all QualityFry equipment is the best ally of this business model. Here’s why:

1.Fryers without smoke outlet or exhaust hood

The QualityFry equipment can cook without the need for a smoke outlet or without an extractor hood. We have developed an innovative filter system that completely eliminates smoke, radically minimises frying odours and allows different foods to be fried in the same oil without mixing their flavours.

In this way there is no pollution in the environment and thanks to their small dimensions they can be placed in any gas station. Moreover, as they are single-phase, they only need an electrical socket to start cooking.

2. Safety and Security

The frying chamber is built with a double layer of stainless steel (AISI 304 L) that insulates the high temperatures inside and absolutely protects the operator and his environment. It is a closed machine, which cooks with a very low oxygen concentration guaranteeing safety and its simple and fast operation eliminates handling errors by the personnel.

3.Speed and standardization

Its innovative design allows programming 6 portions at a time, 2 in the frying chamber and 4 in the carrousel, without the need for reloading. All this in record time and fully automatically.

It is a machine capable of autonomous frying, shortening cooking times. It allows to fry in a record time several types of food at the same time (salty and sweet) or consecutively, without mixing their flavors and achieving a high standard of frying quality in all the premises.

Do you need help to elaborate the menu in your business? you can download the full version of our guide for free here.

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