Reigniting healthy habits with QualityFry
QUALITYFRY Blog Restarting healthy habits: post-vacation menus with QualityFry

Restarting healthy habits: post-vacation menus with QualityFry


After the excesses of the holidays, January is the perfect time to resume healthy eating habits. At QualityFry, we understand the importance of healthy eating and we present two post-holiday menus that combine flavor and nutrition, and whose preparations are simple and quick with our iQ equipment.

Healthy Menu Option 1

Start with a delicious starter of Artichoke Hearts with Serrano Ham, cooked in just 2 minutes if the artichoke is frozen. It continues with a Grilled Salmon with Sautéed Vegetables, where the salmon is cooked in 3 minutes and the vegetables (red bell pepper, green bell pepper, onion, zucchini, eggplant) in only 2 minutes, maintaining their freshness and flavor. Closes with a sweet note of pineapple, perfectly caramelized in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Healthy Menu Option 2

For a variation, opt for a Caesar Salad with Breaded Chicken, where the chicken is ready in 3 minutes, offering a crispy texture and juicy flavor. Continue with a Cod with Asparagus, cooking the cod in 3 minutes and 30 seconds and the asparagus in 2 minutes, for a light and nutritious dining experience. Finish with a Fruit Brochette, which is prepared in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, preserving the natural flavor of the fruit.

QualityFry iQ equipment allows you to cook these dishes quickly and healthily. Thanks to our advanced Ecofry technology, you can prepare meals with less oil, reducing fat and maintaining the nutritional value of the food.

At QualityFry, we invite you to try these healthy menus, ideal to resume your eating habits after the holidays.

Ready to transform your kitchen with QualityFry? We invite you to experience the efficiency and quality of our iQ equipment first hand. Request a free demonstration and discover how we can help you transform your kitchen, free of somokes and odors.

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