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Retail solutions from QualityFry

In today’s world, diversification exists in every sense. This shows that business diversification is a reality, Since the most important thing is to offer a demanding customer an increasingly complete experience within our business. This is where QualityFry has the resources your retail business needs. Here are retail solutions from QualityFry

Within supermarkets yand large food distributors, a good option to offer the customer is, in addition to making the daily, weekly, monthly purchasel…; to offer a complete freshly made menu. We must take advantage of the opportunity to have a customer, of the opportunity to have a customer, most likely loyal, for convenience, proximity, or any other reason, within our facilities, to offer a complete experience yand stay longer within our premises.

In this way the restaurant in marketwas born So, the benefits of diversification are tangibles: increase the average purchase ticket, offer the customer an innovative form of consumption, generate a new market niche, while we are talking about an added value to our business.

In this new concept, a restaurant in a market may be composed of a take-away food corner or, and if the space is available, it is possible to install inside the establishment, a space to consume the freshly cooked food, even offering a break from a busy shopping day for the customer to continue with their routine.

QualityFry may help you to create your restaurant, since, thanks to its iQ deep fryers you will be able to install a cooking machine inside your business, without the need to install an extractor hood, since our equipment does not produce fumes or odors that may bother your diners and employees. This equipment allows to fry safely, without brun risk for your employees, thanks to its closed tank; you will be able to standardize the cooking processes offering agility, since you will be able to cook two products at the same time, without mixing their flavors. In addition, thanks to our patented Ecofry technology, you can save up to 24% in electricity consumption and 37% of oil in your frying. On the other hand, the versatility of the QualityFry iQ models you can fry, cook, regenerate, fresh, frozen, sweet or salty products, so you can offer a complete menu to your guests.

Do not forget that this concept can be totally extrapolated to any retail store., shopping malls or department stores, so you want to diversify your business and increase your average ticket, increasing the satisfaction of your customers, do not hesitate in request a free demo to discover what our teams can do for you.

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