Rooftop: the trend beyond the late afternoon party
QUALITYFRY Our Blog Rooftop: the trend beyond the late afternoon party

Rooftop: the trend beyond the late afternoon party


Enjoying an evening at high altitude is a pleasure for all tastes, and if it is also at high altitude, all the better….. We show you the rooftop trend that sweeps all seasons of the year.

And is in fashion take the elevator in a building, sometimes emblematic or thematic, go up to the top floorand what used to be a rooftop that housed the building’s machinery installations and engines, are now spaces destined to the delight, with a refined decoration that creates a very pleasant place and, of course, some outstanding panoramic views not perceptible to passers-by at street level.

Thus we can find the rooftops of hotels, shopping malls, residential buildings… designed to recreate a unique space, sometimes with tropical dyes and pools, which will take us away from the mundane noise to immerse ourselves in a unique experience. This type of experience is always accompanied by a good cocktail, the star drink of these places and, increasingly, these terraces tend to incorporate menus to make the customer experience as complete as possible. In this way, a win-winstrategy is achieved, in which the client will be able to extend his evening by adding lunch or dinner, beyond the aperitif or evening meal, while the company offers a gastronomic experience in a unique environment.


In many of these spaces, the limitations for setting up a professional kitchen are latent . The gastronomic concept is also usually the accompaniment to the star product, the cocktail, so the most sought-after professionals are bartenders or cocktail waiters, without spending much time preparing a menu, but with the intention of creating it in order to increase the average price.

That is why QualityFry’s iQ deep fryers can offer the solution to all these types of problems, since they meet a series of characteristics appropriate for this type of space:

  • As it does not produce smoke or odors, it is not necessary to install it in a kitchen with an extraction system
  • Shorten cooking times by frying two products at the same time, without mixing flavors
  • Thanks to our EcoFrytechnology, you will save 24% of energy and up to 37% of oil
  • Any of the QualityFry iQ models is versatile enough to offer a complete menu, since it can cook fresh, frozen, sweet or savory products
  • Thanks to its ease of use, any worker is able to use the fryer without the risk of splashes or burns, thanks to the closed vertical frying tank
  • Regenerates food, in as little as 30 seconds, reducing food waste

our tip: request a free demo, in person or online, and you can discover live and in first person, all the advantages that QualityFryoffers to your business. Let our professionals advise you and discover how we can contribute to increase your average ticket.


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