Discover how to optimise your restaurant business with ideas that require a low initial investment with QualityFry.

According to a report by the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE), small businesses lost 60 billion euros in 2020 due to the pandemic. After the health crisis, the year 2021 seems like a good time to search for new business opportunities, being ideal for discovering new business models.

Currently, the trend is to identify businesses that can generate quick profit margins without large initial investments and which have customers from the very moment the doors open. Following these criteria, we at QualityFry want to share some great ideas with you for businesses that can be opened during the summer:

In-Store Corners

This is a very simple store concept –a shop in the form of a stand– that meets the requirement of a low initial investment and which quickly reaches profit margins as there are customers from the very beginning. The in-store corner stands out because it is a symbiotic business; it lives and is located inside a store (usually shopping centres or department stores) and provides benefits both for the store owner and the stand owner: the in-store stand or corner has the advantage of being in an environment that is frequented by the target audience, while the store that hosts it benefits from being able to get a profit out of its empty spaces and obtain a return on sales that are not its own.

In the case of the hospitality industry, a fast food stand is a winning strategy. We are talking about a direct point of sale that impacts the brand’s notoriety. Success lies in an attractive design to capture the attention of customers in a positive way, as well as a clear culinary vision with ready-to-serve service that does not get in the way of the target customer’s leisure plans.

Cooking on Wheels

The Food Truck movement is taking back the streets after the recession caused by the health crisis. This is a more affordable business format for entrepreneurs just starting out in the culinary sector, but it also works as a promotional platform for food and beverage companies.  Mobility is its main advantage because the food truck allows you to change your location, which means being able to take the business to your customers and not waiting for your customers to come.

If you have decided to take to the road with your restaurant, it is very important to consider the vehicle that you will use for your culinary offer. Just as important as offering good food and having a good vehicle is knowing how to promote it. Get the entire community of foodies and those who love great cuisine to become familiar with what you have to offer via social media and the events that you attend.

The Summer Beach Bar

One type of business that goes hand in hand with summer is the beach bar, and the fact of the matter is that this is a formula that continues to work and has managed to reinvent itself by capturing a premium audience. This may not be the most agile type of business in terms of starting it up, as the space for beach bars depends on governmental agencies and tender processes.

This premises need to be in continuous evolution and there must be a culinary offer that aligns with the location and the type of tourism in the area. To get the best return, it is a good idea to create several environments to attract different target customers. For example, one environment that emphasises the culinary side and perhaps a family style, and another that speaks to those wishing to have a good time with friends at the end of the afternoon. To create the different environments, in addition to the decoration and distribution of the business premises, the music must be taken into account, and it should fit the style of the place and the time of day. The icing on the cake for the success of this type of business lies in offering a varied, creative, quality menu and fast service.

Whatever type of business you want to get into this summer, the key lies in three important aspects: analysing the audience you are targeting, providing the best quality product, and having the perfect set-up for fast and efficient service. QualityFry’s professional fryers feature automated processes – thus offering the same quality for all servings, in addition to fast service. These are keys to success in terms of your summer clientele. And, best of all, you can make all kinds of food in our fryers: be it sweet or savoury, fresh or frozen.

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