QUALITYFRY Client Stories Taberna Dos Tiempos in Pozuelo works with the iQ 600 Basic Gourmet since six years ago.

Taberna Dos Tiempos in Pozuelo works with the iQ 600 Basic Gourmet since six years ago.

The Taberna Dos tiempos is allocated in the Europa avenue since over six years. Since he has opened his business, he trusted in QualityFry’s tecnology and he has a no smokes, no odours commercial deep fryer iQ 600 Basic Gourmet almost as his unique resource of cooking. Everyting started with a firend’s recommendation. According to Dani, owner of the tavern, whom we had the opportunity to interview, “the QualityFry kitchen equipment is a joy and the perfect solution when you don’t have a smoke outlet“.

Being friendly, sincere and working hard every day” is how Dani defines the key to success. The gastronomy offered at its venue in Pozuelo could be categorised as medium-high level thanks to QualityFry’s quality frying technology. His signature dish is the homemade croquettes he prepares in the iQ 600 Basic Gourmet.

Over the past six years, he believes that the cuisine has evolved “quite a lot“. In fact, he recalls that at the beginning he was not so familiar with the deep fryer, but “you can do a lot of things with creativity and a lot of enthusiasm“. In order to differentiate himself from the competition, he works on innovating new dishes, and now he has incorporated boquerones a la bilbaína (anchovies in bilbaína sauce), which have “a huge success and the torreznos are famous too“.”The torreznos only need six minutes in the deep fryer and they are ready!“, notes the regent of Taberna Dos Tiempos in Pozuelo in Madrid.

As far as customer loyalty is concerned, Dani is proud, he knows that they come back because of him and thanks to him, which is why he considers the search for staff to be the greatest difficulty he faces in the management of the Taberna Dos Tiempos in Pozuelo. He defines his target like youngs around 35 years old and over.

When we have asked his opinion about the iQ 600 Basic Gourmet by QualityFry: “More than satisfied. At first customers asked him what that was, because it doesn’t look like a deep fryer.“. “It has to be washed, because we all eat from here, as you can see it is six years old and if you take care of it, it is the best investment, in fact, I have already recommended it to several colleagues in the area and they have already bought it.“. He finishes commeting that if he would open a new venue, he would trust in QualityFry again.