We share with you some ideas to get more customers this summer.


After two years of pandemic, we are at the gates of a summer like those of 2019. Restaurants are looking for formulas to enhance their terraces, for most of these establishments, outdoor consumption is between 80-90% of their turnover in summer.

In summer, open spaces are the best protagonists. Because who doesn’t want to go out on the terrace and enjoy the light and sun? Until now, the terraces has worked as a lifesaver for hoteliers, but with the arrival of good weather it is an excellent opportunity to give the final boost and improve their income statement..

How to get it without a big investment? We share with you some ideas to get more customers this summer.

Ideas to have a top terrace this summer

  1. Gastronomic offer

A terrace is undoubtedly a guaranteed success, but how many meters is the terrace from your kitchen? Surely too many meters than you would like.

With the technology developed in QualityFry’s iQ equipment, you will be able to prepare a wide gastronomic offer with quality products and in record time. Above all, without disturbing your customers, especially because the equipment does not emit smoke or odours.

QualityFry professional fryers provide automated processes offering the same quality as well as speed of service, keys to the success of the summer clientele.

On the other hand, you can prepare all kinds of food, whether sweet or savory, fresh or frozen.

Tapas are the winning strategy, do not forget to include them in your menu. For example, in the QualityFry equipment you can prepare all kinds of potatoes in just 2:30 minutes: 6×6, wedges, bistro style, bravas, chips, cubed, rustic, wavy. Getting a perfect fry in record time. In addition, you can prepare all kinds of appetizers such as fish and chips, croquettes, nuggets, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, without worrying about the product being cold, you can regenerate them in 0:30 seconds, recovering their golden and crunchy surface, even if it takes cooked time.

Offer your customers oil-free vegetables, meats with a seal that preserves the juices, flavor and nutritional properties. Fish and shellfish that retain their quality for longer and also desserts. All with a single equipment.

  1. Drinks menu

Summer is the perfect time to freshen up your drink and cocktail menu. Beer becomes the favourite beverage, cocktails and slushes gain more popularity, so keep in mind this:

  1. Always keep the beer at the right temperature and offer variety.
  2. Offer your cocktails with a 2 x 1 for a short period of time or only on weekends.
  3. Prepare slushes with seasonal fruits.
  4. Includes a selection of natural juices and non-alcoholic drinks.
  1. The mood and decoration

Create a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere for your customers. If you don’t have it yet, consider the possibility of implementing a ventilation system to cool your clients. Depending on where your business is located, some fans or fans with water might be enough.

Another option is to place plants in the corners, vases with flowers, small plant pots, etc., since in addition to being decorative, they manage to reduce the temperature by several degrees. And, if your budget allows it, you can create an instagrammable space for your youngest clients.

Another important point is the furniture, use chairs that are comfortable and that the tables do not swing all the time. Keep in mind that your furniture should not get hot and be resistant to the sun and the weather they will receive during this season.

  1. Comunication and entertainment offer

What is not shown cannot be sold, so give your social networks a boost by sharing quality images of your meals, drinks, the mood in your restaurant and of course photos about your terrace, it will be the favorite place for everyone.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of the good weather to organize an outdoor event or have live music. Decorate the space with LED lights and energy-saving light bulbs, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Request a free demo of our equipment here and find out how our technology helps you create a complete and varied menu for your restaurant.

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