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QUALITYFRY Recipes Thai prawn with coriander, lime and chilli

Thai prawn with coriander, lime and chilli

Original Gambon Thai recipe with coriander, lime and chilli A more original and varied menu and get a healthy and healthy frying tapa with QualityFry.

Thai prawn with coriander, lime and chilli

Below we detail you step by step and with the ideal ingredients so that you can prepare yourThai Prawn tapas with coriander, lime and chilli, an original recipe, easy, quick to make and delicious. Enjoy it!

Ingredients: 30 grams of sesame or tahini paste, 5 grams of garlic, salt, Sichuan pepper, 2 limes, chilli, 3 egg whites, Kataifi paste, flour


  1. Clean the shrimp and leave the head and tail, arrange it in a container and add the other finely chopped ingredients together with the squeezed lime, marinate for about 5 minutes.
  2. For the sesame and lime sauce: Mix the tahini with the squeezed lime, chop the Chinese garlic and add it to the sauce, season to taste.
  3. Then go through flour and egg whites before rolling them into the Kataifi pasta. Let it rest for 5 minutes in the fridge before frying in your QualityFry catering equipment.
Frying in QualityFry

Type of oil: Oleic high sunflower oil
Frying time in QualityFry: 2 min.
Frying temperature: 185ºC

Place the prawns in the inlet hopper of your QualityFry. Program to fry for 2 minutes and press ENTER. Wait for the fryer to notify you that the time has elapsed and remove the product, it should be golden on the outside and very crispy.

Assembly and presentation

Put the prawns on a plate and dip with the sauce in each thai gambon with coriander lime and chilli qualityfry fried fast chef elite ingredients