QualityFry equipment: the best solution for the kitchen of Bar La Calle
QUALITYFRY Client Stories The QualityFry equipment is the best solution for the kitchen facilities of Bar La Calle

The QualityFry equipment is the best solution for the kitchen facilities of Bar La Calle

The project for Bar La Calle starts in 2018 by two hoteliers entrepreneurs, Mónica and Alejandro, with the aim of creating a casual space where customers can have fun and talk with the person next to them as well as with the waiter. “We call it La Calle for this reason, we try to offer a close relationship with the customer by serving the best product at an affordable price”.

La Calle, strategically located in Plaza Don Pedro in downtown Guadalajara, welcomes people of all ages who come to have a drink, a snack, play chess, darts, exchange books, or use the computer and have a great time. “We are not just a bar, we are much more because this is our home. We are, as I say: a little piece of the street, but under cover”. Tell us Mónica.

“The machine has become the heart of La Calle”

To start the project, they rented a place that, although it was well located, had a small kitchen with no smoke outlet, “Mónica knew about the QualityFry machines and that they can cook without the need for a smoke outlet, we knew that it would be an perfect tool for our bar, for what we wanted to do and above all because in a weekend area, with great traffic of people, we knew that this machine was going to offer us the possibility of a quick management that the client demands and at the end, the machine has become the heart of the bar”, Alejandro tells us.

“Thanks to the fryer we have a very varied menu that we constantly change, we make toasts and rolls where we use the fryer to make them drum-style, we also make tacos and burritos from different products that we fry in the machine, we also fry croquettes, tears of chicken, chicken wings, tequeños and mushrooms. For snacks we prepared peanuts and french fries seasoned with garlic, oregano, curry, cheese and spicy, all with just the fryer”.

In the words of Mónica, “something that also goes very well with the fryer that we prepare for our vegan clients is the homemade falafel, hamburger, in a portion or for toasts, they come out very tasty”.

Speed and efficiency with QualityFry

With her experience in kitchen management, Mónica was counting on having one more ally in the kitchen that would allow her to automate her processes and be more agile. “The short frying times give us the possibility of serving customers faster in a place where they demand speed and in a small kitchen, the fryer has been part of the team”. In addition to responding to new consumption formats such as takeaway food.

Giving service to more than 100 people per day has been challenge for Monica and Alejandro who focus on offering a useful, eye-catching menu that satisfies their customers, but with the facilities of the QualityFry equipment they have a significant support in their business.

The La Calle team brings new projects in 2023 to surprise its customers, always focused on service and, of course, on the quality and variety of its menu. If you visit Guadalajara, be sure to visit them and taste their menu.