QualityFry, awarded with the SMART Label 2021 at HOST MILANO


QualityFry, has been awarded for the second time in a row with the SMART LABEL 2021 promoted by Host – Fiera Milano and POLI.design Consortium of theMilan Polytechnic From October 22 to 26 at Pav 1P – Stand F09 G10 at Fiera Milano we will show all our innovations. See you there!

The iQ 640 FES Carrousel model has been recognized with the innovation award, SMART LABEL 2021. This initiative, promoted by Host – Fiera Milano and POLI.design Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic, supports the FES system (Fire Extinguishing System) integrated in the equipment whose objective is to detect a possible internal fire, control it and protect the operator and his environment. Focused on offering the best performance, the iQ 640 FES Carrousel is energy efficient, which leads to a 24% reduction in electricity consumption, a 37% reduction in oil consumption and a 27% reduction in frying time .

The jury of the SMART LABEL 2021 awards has been composed of:

  • Venanzio Arquilla, He is Associate Professor of the Politecnico di Milano _ Design School Secretary of the Bachelor Degree on Product Design and the Master Degree on Product Design for Innovation at the Politecnico di Milano – Design School. His research activities deal with design innovation tools and methodologies, UX, service design, design policies, making and fabbing, including different research on innovation and technological transfer of design at national and international levels. He is the founder and the coordinator of the UX Design higher education course at the POLI.design and project coordinator of MakeinProgress
  • Shujoy Chakraborty is an Assistant Professor of Product Design at the University of Madeira (UMa), Department of Art and Design. His current areas of research include new product innovation, virtual reality assisted product development, and product semantics. Shujoy teaches in the Undergraduate Design and the Master in Spatial Design programs. His university pedagogy focuses on next generation hotels design, parametric architecture, product design drawing, shape coding, and design process theory. Shujoy is a faculty member of the ITI-LARSyS (Laboratory of Robotics and Engineering Systems) Research Unit from Técnico Lisboa. Shujoy holds a Ph.D in Design from the Politecnico di Milano and a Master Degree in Design from Domus Academy Milano.
  • Iginio Massari, is considered one of the greatest pastry chefs alive today. At 16 years old he starts working in a bakery in the city center for a few months. At 16 years old he starts working in a bakery in the city center for a few months. His desire to learn the art of baking pushes him to move to Switzerland where, in four years, he matured his first patisserie and chocolaterie experience. In Budrye he has the honor of working with master Claude Gerber. This is where he completed his first education before returning to Italy where he was already highly sought after because of his abilities and dedication. In 1971 Massari opened the now famous pastry shop “Pasticceria Veneto”in Brescia, as his wife had long desired. He is recognized all over the world for his superior talent, his strict professional discipline and his dedication. He is also appreciated even more for his culture and honesty. Massari has won more than 300 competitions, awards and national as well as international recognitions since 1964.
  • Matteo O. Ingaramo graduated in architecture with a project of Industrial Design published as excellent thesis by the Politecnico di Torino, he took his master degree in Strategic Design at the Politecnico di Milano. He is PhD in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano. Since 2005 he develops his research and didactic activities as Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Design, Art and Communication at the Politecnico di Milano. Lecturer at Master degree course in “Design for Product development” at the Politecnico di Milano and lecturer at the Politecnico di Torino from 2003. Coordinator of research projects at the UdR PP (Product Design Research Unit – INDACO Department) concerning design driven innovation, he is responsible for IDEA (Innovation Design Action) research group. He is responsible for the Italian participation to the Sino‐European Design Management Network.
  • Fayun Zhu works in China Academy of Art as the assistant to the Dean of Industrial Design Research Institute and Deputy Director of Design Intelligence Award committee office, focus on the research of industry application of creative design. As a partner of Jin Yuan venture capital of design industry, help the design brands break the bottleneck restricting the various elements and win the survival and development of space. He also established the design agency Han Pin, providing high-quality professional automotive design to many international famous brands.

It is an extinguishing system integrated into the iQ 640 FES Carrouselthat achieves a complete extinction of a hypothetical fire in the chamber without causing additional risks such as splashing or subsequent reignition. It is an automatic and manual detection and extinction system that complies with the CTE and is based on regulations regarding extinction systems. It is not necessary to include extinguishing systems beyond those required by type of business or space.

iQ 640 FES Carrousel at Host Milano 2021

The range of fryers No Smoke and No Odors by QualityFry that facilitates asustainable, healthy kitchen, without environmental emissions and more efficient at the energy level,will be present in the next edition of HOST 2021, where you can see how the iQ 640 FES Carrousel model works, awarded with the SMART LABEL2021, in the category designed for products capable of determining significant evolutions in the different reference of the HORECA sector.

Also, the company will show the most ambitious proyect of its equipment for the catering and hospitality industry, the iQ 1000 Carrousel model. This new product offers a larger oil capacity of 10 litres, which translates into a higher kg/h production. This allows 800 g of a single product to be fried at a time, or 500 g per portion when frying two products at the same time. Along with the increase in production, the extraction and condensation capacity has been improved by 60%. In addition, the air extraction system controls the emission of hot air, preventing the transmission of odours during the frying process.

Don´t miss our showcooking at Pav 1P – Stand F09 G10. We will cook both fresh and frozen products, sweet or salty, and all with a single machine.