Sustainability еn the profеsional kitchen
QUALITYFRY Blog The relevance of sustainability in the professional kitchen.

The relevance of sustainability in the professional kitchen.


In today’s era, sustainability has become a fundamental pillar in all areas of our lives, including gastronomy. In the world of professional cooking, where efficiency and quality are essential, the adoption of sustainable practices is crucial. At QualityFry, we’re proud to be leading this shift to a more environmentally friendly kitchen and want to share how our solutions can make a difference.

One of the main challenges in professional cooking is to reduce the environmental impact without sacrificing food quality. Our smoke- and odor-free Ecofrytechnology have been specifically designed to address this challenge. By eliminating the smoke and odors associated with traditional frying, we not only create a healthier work environment, but also contribute significantly to the reduction of environmental pollution.

In addition to improving air quality in professional kitchens, our solutions also have a positive impact on energy consumption. QualityFry iQ equipment are designed to be highly efficient, which means they consume less energy compared to conventional frying methods. This not only reduces operating costs for hospitality businesses, but also lowers the carbon footprint.

Another important aspect of our contribution to sustainability in the professional kitchen is the rеduction of the oil supply.. Our advanced filtration systems extend the lifetime of frying oil by eliminating residues and impurities, resulting in a more efficient use of resources and a higher amount of waste products.

In addition, thanks to the regeneration of food that can be produced inside the iQ equipment, in just 30 seconds, previously cooked food, which has lost its texture and flavor, is regenerated as freshly cooked. Which contributes to significantly reduce food waste,, another of the scourges of today’s professional kitchens.

In summary, at QualityFry we are committed to offering innovative solutions that not only improve efficiency and quality in the professional kitchen, but also promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. We firmly believe that every small action counts in the fight for a more sustainable future, and we are proud to be part of this shift towards a more sustainable world.

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