New iQ 635 deep fryers: innovation in all ways
QUALITYFRY News The state-of-the-art in smart kitchen technology: new iQ series 6

The state-of-the-art in smart kitchen technology: new iQ series 6


QualityFry’s iQ models have always enjoyed the highest technological features in order to offer the user an experience based on the high technology of automatic and smart cooking. But in today’s digital and technological world, innovation is the order of the day. For this reason, it is necessary to generate processes of constant innovation within technology-based products. This is how the iQ 635 model was born, from the inclusion of the new advances generated in the digital, technical and technological world.

Technical and technological improvements, or an improved user experience:

  • A tighted hatch motor set, to prevent oil ingress due to spills, wtih new magnetic hatch traction system and improved anti-pinch system, which, in case of jamming the screen indicates it and recovers itself after elimination of the trapped object
  • Extraction system with new extractors with lower insulation to prevent grease ingress and prevents jams and over consumption of the extractor due to blockage of the mechanism.
  • New display with better tactility mejor tactilidad and new housing that completely avoids the disconnection between plates and eliminates the risk of damage to the display plate during assembly.
  • Software with improved communication stability and prevention of random errors due to excess temperature, adding messages for double check oil level
  • Nuevos accesorios en bidón de condensación para personalizar la evacuación, según las necesidades de cada cliente y evitar roturas en la base del grifo.
  • Master contactor with triple safety feature.
  • Heating unit with new thermostat that improves thermal characteristics.

Do you want to discover more about the benefits of the new QualityFry6 series? Request a free demo and discover all that the iQ 635 pcan do for you and improve your professional cooking experience.