Oil: the importance of its use to obtain quality frying
QUALITYFRY Our Blog The use of oil to obtain quality frying with QualityFry

The use of oil to obtain quality frying with QualityFry

Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil and Mediterranean frying is one of the most internationally recognized techniques of our traditional cuisine. As experts in frying technology, we know the importance of oil to obtain healthy foods with excellent organoleptic quality. That is why, we tell you everything you need to know to offer healthy frying in your restaurant.

Frying is one of the culinary techniques that best preserves the nutrients in food. The advanced technology of QualityFry fryers, the selection and use of the quality oil and the automatic control of cooking processes are key factors in achieving healthy frying.

When you fry with the appropriate quality parameters, the oil works as a “vehicle” that provides the necessary heat so that the water contained in the food reaches the boiling temperature, turns into steam and “cooks” the food inside, while outside creates a crunchy coating, which not only provides flavor, appearance and texture to the fried food, but plays a fundamental role in the nutritional value that frying can contribute to our diet.

In properly fried food, only a minimal amount of oil should penetrate intothe product.

The oil during the frying process with QualityFry equipment

It is essential to keep the temperature of the oil stable during the frying process. The ideal range for frying any food is between 150 and 190 degrees, always depending on the type of oil used and the characteristics, size and coverage required by each product. Also, it is really important to extract the product from the oil at the right time and this can only be optimally achievedusing an automatic fryer that controls the times and temperature of the oil.

When fryingis carried out at appropriate temperatures and for a short time, as is the case in QualityFry fryers, the degradation of the oil and the formation of acrylamides* are reduced, guaranteeing quality frying.

One technique to guarantee these results is frying by immersion close to the surface of the oil: the food is submerged in the oil, covering it homogeneously, but the proximity to the surfacefacilitates the evaporation of the water contained within. Cooking times with an advanced fryer that operates by immersion fryingare relatively short, so the contact of the food with the oil is superficial and there isminimal absorption of fat.

Extra virgin olive oil is the grease that best preserves the properties of fried foods, but we also recommend the use of high oleic sunflower oil with antifoam E900. High oleic sunflower oil has a grease composition very similar to extra virgin olive oil, with an 80% oleic acid content, which is more stable to heat and better resists frying temperature.

A profitable business

Talking about business, healthy frying can be an important key to revenue and profit growth Fried products are the most profitable for restaurant businesses, the margin between the cost of the raw material and the sale price of the portions is considerable high. On the other hand, trends in the hospitality industry indicate an interest in healthier forms of consumption. Today’s consumers show more interest in information about the nutritional values of the food they are going to eat.

In addition, the technology developed in the QualityFry fryers don´t need smoke extraction or kitchen. They are capable of frying automatically and autonomously, no specialized personnel are neededto operate the frying machines. Its special design and innovative display make it possible to eliminate handling errors due to high staff turnover. In this way, QualityFry allows you to expand the service, but not the personnel expenses. The automatic machines designed by the Spanish company run numerous frying programs at the push of a button, always achieving the same standard of frying quality.

The Ecofry technology developed in all thebrand’s equipmentreduces the electrical cost of operation compared to a traditional fryer. The frying times are optimal for each product,and operating costs are fully controlled automatically.

Oils, frying techniquesand equipment are the factors that help to achieve a menu with healthy fried dishes, synonymous with a profitable investment in the short and medium term.

*Acrylamides: Compound that forms during heating at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius.

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