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QUALITYFRY Blog Catering and seasonality: staffing problems during the summer season

Catering and seasonality: staffing problems during the summer season

Summer brings unique challenges for the foodservice industry. Customer demand is increasing, especially in tourist areas, and with it, the need for additional staff. However, finding and retaining qualified personnel during this time can be difficult. At QualityFry, We understand these difficulties and offer a innovative solution with our iQ equipment that do not require specialized personnel, cooks or chefs.

Summer staffing challenges in the restaurant industry

Summer is a time of high demand in the restaurant industry. Restaurants, bars and cafes are filled with customers looking to enjoy the season. This increase in clientele implies a greater need for personnel to maintain service quality and operational efficiency. However, many facilities face problems such as:

Shortage of qualified personnel: finding experienced cooks and chefs can be difficult, as competition is high and availability is limited.

High employee turnover: seasonal jobs attract temporary workers who seek employment only during the summer, resulting in high turnover and the constant need to train new employees.

Training costs: Training new employees is costly and time-consuming in the hospitality industry, affecting productivity and workflow.


Qualityfry solution: iQ equipment

At QualityFry, we have developed a range of kitchen equipment that directly addresses these challenges. Our iQ equipment are designed to be easy to use and do not require specialized personnel, eliminating the need for a professional cook or chef to operate the machinery, as they include:

Easy of use: liQ equipment are intuitive and simple to operate. Any staff member, regardless of cooking experience, can operate this equipment with minimal training, taking only a few minutes.

Operational efficiency: iQ equipment is designed to optimize time and resources. They allow a variety of dishes to be prepared quickly, even complete menus, reducing waiting times and improving customer service.

Consistency and quality: ensure consistent, high quality cooking with every use, guaranteeing that dishes maintain a high standard no matter who prepares them.

Cost reduction: by eliminating the need for specialized personnel and reducing training costs, significant savings in operating expenses can be achieved.


Innovation and technology in foodservice

Thanks to our technology Ecofry, we succeeded cooking 2 products at the same time, of any type (sweet, salty, fresh or frozen), without mixing flavors and without generating fumes or unpleasant odors., this creates a smoke and odor free environment that will delight your employees and customers. In addition, this feature makes the iQ equipment can be installed in any area of your business, as it does not require an extractor hood or any type of complex installation..


Seasonality in foodservice presents significant challenges, especially in terms of personnel management. At QualityFry, we are committed to offering practical and efficient solutions with our iQ equipment. This equipment helps to overcome staffing problems during the summer season and improves the operability and quality of service throughout the year. Invest in technology that simplifies and optimizes your business, and face the summer with the confidence that you are ready to offer the best to your customers.


Want to see how our iQ equipment can revolutionize your kitchen? Don’t wait any longer! Request a free demo and discover the advantages of working with QualityFry technology.

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