CDTi supports the innovation and technological development of QualityFry
QUALITYFRY News CDTi supports the innovation and technology of QualityFry

CDTi supports the innovation and technology of QualityFry

The CDTI-E.P.E. is a Public Business Entity, dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which promotes innovation and technological development in Spanish companies. It is the entity that processes requests for help and support for R & D & I projects of Spanish companies at the national and international levels.

This time, the CDTi has considered interesting to support the R + D + i technological project in which QualityFry is developing and designing a new fryer model. Different studies emphasize the relevance of continuing to research to develop fryers that automate and optimize the process. For which it is necessary to study and research new design, material and production techniques that allow the implementation of innovative and disruptive technologies.



With this project, QualityFry will develop a new concept of fryers that reduce the limitations of the traditional frying process (smoke generation, product standardization, minimize waste …) and also adapt to the current needs of the end-user (functionalities characterization, usability , security, cost reduction …).

For this, QualityFry is committed to researching new materials, taking a technological leap towards the use of plastic materials. In addition to developing new features that allow it to stay at the forefront of technology, providing security, connectivity and new business options.

This new family of products will be modular according to the functionalities desired by the client, which will define the final characteristics of the product. This customization will allow the product to adapt to future needs simply by including new modules.