Dayton Group & QualityFry offer smoke-free cooking solutions in Baltics
QUALITYFRY News Dayton Group and QualityFry offer smoke-free cooking solutions in the Baltics

Dayton Group and QualityFry offer smoke-free cooking solutions in the Baltics

Dayton Group and QualityFry are forging commercial alliances since 2021 to bring the frying revolution through QualityFry’s smoke-free and odor-free equipment to the Baltic countries with the aim of providing solutions to a demanding market of technology and automation for the retail, fast food and horeca sector.. On this occasion, Sami Peltola, Dayton’s Sales and After Sales Manager in Finland, gave us his time for a short interview.

Dayton Group is a leading supplier to HoReCa, Food retail, Fast food, FMCG and Industrial sectors for 100 years. Dayton have produced services and solutions to their customers value because the customer satisfaction is in the heart of their operations and they invest heavily in after-sales & their service network.

On the other hand, they also invest more and more in their international operations because they want to be a reliable business partner in Finland as well as on the international market.

Large domestic and international fast food chains rely on Dayton as a partner. . With many years of professional experience, they supply large kitchen solutions, hamburger restaurant fryers, barbecues, as well as cafeteria coffee machines, showcases and small appliances. That is why they add to their business portfolio, the ventless deep fryer from QualityFry to meet the needs of a niche market with space and cooking constraints.

In words of Sami, when the hoteliers are choosing kitchen equipment for their business, they value the most that the equipment needs to be easy to use and also it is so important the service and spare parts needs to be available.

The iQ models are specially designed for food handling areas, kitchens and bakeries that do not have a smoke vent. They are ideal for handling high food demand, achieving a product in record time and with a perfect finish, essential features for Dayton Group’s customers.

Another advantage for the Baltic market is the Ecofry System incorporated in the entire range of the brand’s fryers as it minimizes the ecological footprint and improves energy efficiency. Offering savings of up to 24% in electricity consumption, it shortens frying times by 37% and reduces oil consumption by 37%.Technology is important if it gives some benefits like energy saving or working hours of staff, like the QualityFry products”says Sami.

The Dayton team developed customized solutions for the Sport Arena in Finland, whose main feature was that it did not have enough space to set up a large kitchen. The iQ 630 Carrousel model was the best option for this customer, as he was looking to diversify his business by offering snacking options to his customers in a small space with no smoke outlet.

If you have an Horeca or Retail business in the Baltics and you are interested in receiving more information about this automatic frying equipment, feel free to contact Dayton Group. They have their own sales representatives, who can advise you about the possibilities without any obligations. Also, if you would like to see the machine working, they are more than happy to book a demo with you.

We thanks Sami, and the entire team at Dayton Group, for their time and support in developing QualityFry at the Baltics market.

Address: Tikkurilantie 136, 01510 Vantaa, Finland
Official website:
Contact person: Sami Peltola

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