Driving success: El Cine reopens cooking with QualityFry
QUALITYFRY Client Stories Driving success: El Cine reopens cooking with QualityFry

Driving success: El Cine reopens cooking with QualityFry

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Near the Kursaal Congress Palace and Zurriola beach, reopens its doors, El Cine. A casual food bar located in the Gros neighborhood where the locals can once again enjoy the delight of its cuisine and its wide variety of drinks and cocktails. We talked to Óscar Casbas, the owner, about his new restaurant project that brings nostalgia to San Sebastián. Watch the full interview here.

In the words of the owner: “This place doesn´t have a smoke outlet, wich significantly influences our gastronomic offerings. So we had to look for kitchen equipment that help us to create a gastronomic offering that is attractive and competitive.

The QualityFry´s iQ 635 Carrousel model prepare El Cine’s menu, since its features and characteristics make it the ideal machine for cooking in his restaurant. “It is a machine where you can prepare a ton of things than the traditional ones. In this machine, we cook octopus, entrecote and cod. We input a range of products that turn out incredibly well,as the product seals in a lot of its flavors and properties”.

“To us, the QualityFry machine is a Ferrari,” Oscar.

“It has a super easy operation. This is a Ferrari to us. It is a fantastic discovery we´ve made with this machine, with this brand, that allows us to prepare so many things.

“At El Cine, we serve up to 40 or 50 guests.”

El Cine’s chef tells us how agile it is to work hand in hand with an automatic equipment such as QualityFry: “It assists us in elevating our kitchen performance to the next level. It doesn´t mix flavours, we can fry two separate products, with many cooking settings programmed into it. Also, it has a carrousel that allows us to queue up to four products and simultaneously cook two items. This allows us to give a fast service”.

“We´ve learned to organized with it, to be able to cook portions of up to 40 or 50 customers”. The El Cine´s chef.

The performance of the iQ 635 Carrousel model has been a key strategic factor in the reopening of El Cine, which is why, talking to Oscar, he tells us: “It´s amazing, the QualityFry equipment. And I say this with heartfelt affection. This is a notable discovery and we are overjoyed with this product.”.

The energy and vitality of Oscar and his team, does not leaves us indifferent, so we wish them all the success in this adventure and if you are in San Sebastian, Spain, be sure to visit El Cine de Gros and taste their menu, you will surely have an incredible time. Find them also on Instagram as @elcinedegros and see what he is cooking with QualityFry here.