Fast Chef Elite offers FOODSERVICE professionals a tool for work which allows menus to be expanded with varied fried products, thereby increasing the turnover and profits of the business.


Fast Chef Elite offers traditional frying in record time, as thanks to its special design it minimises losses of heat, keeps the oil at the optimal temperature, and speeds up frying time.


Fast Chef Elite fries conventional tapas and finger food with equal efficiency, allowing fresh, frozen, sweet, savoury, traditional, Mediterranean, exotic and gourmet foods to be cooked with the same level of quality.


The Fast Chef Elite frying chamber is built with a double layer of stainless steel (AISI 304 L) which provides insulation from high interior temperatures and fully protects the operator and surroundings.



The Fast Chef Elite frying chamber is a closed module which is insulated from the other parts. This means that the frying process does not soil the work unit or other machine components.


No smoke. No odours. Fast Chef Elite only emits dry air free of particles with odours, thanks to an advanced extraction system that uses a double decantation phase and a third filtering phase through highly concentrated active carbon.