Gastrobar: 5 tips for setting up a business in summer
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Gastrobar: 5 tips for setting up a business in summer

The gastrobar model has “democratized” high-level cuisine, offering the best of Spanish cuisine in small portions and at reasonable prices. At QualityFry we share with you 5 tips when setting up this type of business in summer.

Gastrobarswere born to bring gourmet cuisine closer to all customers. This gastronomic initiative – named after the gastronomic critic José Carlos Capel in an article about his “Estado Puro” by Paco Roncero – spread like wildfire and in a few months Michelin-starred chefssuch as Quique Dacosta, Albert Adriá, Dani García, Carles Abellán were in front of bars where they offered original tapas at affordable prices.

What was initially a survival strategy has been consolidated as an emerging line of business that has reached the big cities. The gastrobar has turned the tapas bar and the bars into a space of gastronomic innovation in which the best raw materials and cutting-edge cooking techniques are used.

Almost ten years later, the gastrobar concept began as being exclusive to renowned chefs who wanted to present their best dishes in more popular formats and prices, to consolidate itself as a line of business that responds to new trends in consumptionand in which new chefs graduated from cooking schools get their space in the sector.

Creating differential elements with respect to the competitionand improving the customer experience are two decisive factors for the growth of any business. Gastrobars seek to surprise customers with careful preparation, local products, creations full of flavorwith daring combinations and a careful selection of beers, wines and cocktails.

As collaborators and partners of bars and restaurants… What advice can we give entrepreneurs who dare to set up a gastrobar?

  1. Don’t forget the tradition

Successful gastrobars with specialties in croquettes, pil pil cod, artichokes or potato omelettes have shown that traditional recipes continue to work. The mix is expected, the fusion with flavors from other cultures, the suggestive textures but maintaining the cuisine with roots. The traditional recipe book of Mediterranean cuisine with a wide variety of fried dishes never fails.

  1. Be sustainable

Betting on the commitment to the environmentwill allow you to stand out from the competition. Transparency in processes is increasingly important for the consumer. The client values the quality of local and proximity products and also the ways in which food is prepared. At QUALITYFRYwe have developed an efficient and sustainable machine for the hotel industry with great acceptance in the HORECA marketas well as important national and international recognition.

  1. Healthy food

Healthy cooking has ceased to be a trend to become a lifestyle.

Introducing superfoods with a large quantity of vitamins or proteins that are beneficial for the body and improving commitment to people with allergies or food intolerances are elements to have in mind. In the case of fried products, according to our experience with the iQ models, the customer values positively the possibility of tasting healthy fried dishes, without fat, which preserves the nutritional values of the product.

  1. Less is more in the gastrobar

To set up a gastrobar, one opts for small, singular premises, with open kitchen, not very extensive menus that change with some regularity and in which “pilot dishes” are introduced. In the kitchen, compact machinery should be chosen that facilitates the automation of kitchen processeswith a small work team. Dishes must be served quickly, business management is one of the keys to this tapas business.

  1. Improve the customer experience

Offering digital facilitiesto do a reservation, to leave opinions about the service, to having take away and delivery services (or home delivery) are added values in the gastrobar business. The customer and the product are the elements that contribute to the success and fast growth of this business model.

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