The hotel industry is increasingly aware of the opportunities that a Food & Beverage service represents in its establishment to increase profitability, create a brand and  attract clients and build loyalty . Therefore, we share the guidelines to promote this restaurant service in your hotel and add value to your offer.

Food & Beverage in hotels

food & beverage qualityfry freidora sin humos ni olores

We know that the main offer of the hotels is the accommodation service, but the proper management of the Food & Beverage department is one of the fundamental pillars to increase the volume of income of the establishment, it is also an added value to position the brand in the hotel sector.

Every hotel that begins to offer a restaurant service must understand that the gastronomic part is more experiential within this type of establishment. There are two types of customers you should focus on:

Accommodation customer: With this type of client, the aim is to break the gap between hotel and restaurant services, offering both services in the same place to satisfy the needs of the guest.

Catering customer: The type of customer that generates a reservation at the hotel restaurant for a specific lunch / dinner.

Knowing the main characteristics of each type of customer and their needs, you can adapt the offer of your products and services to offer value to each of them.

The person in charge of managing the Food & Beverage area is responsible for receiving food, storing raw materials and preparing and serving food and beverages within the hotel restaurant. The offer, depending on the characteristics of the hotel and its infrastructure, may be based on the following services:

Room service:

It is the food service prepared in the hotel restaurant and sent to the guest’s room. It is common in large hotel chains or 4 and 5-star hotels, which offers personalized 24 or 12 hour attention to its customers.

And, the Premium Room Service, which is offered when the hotel room includes a kitchen, where the chef and waiter prepare food in front of the guests.


The hotel restaurant, depending on whether or not it has a kitchen, can offer a menu of food to guests:

Breakfast, one of those that is almost never lacking in hotel catering and, in some cases, the only one offered to guests. It is usually included in the accommodation service and is served in the hotel restaurant from 7:30 to 10:30 am.

Lunch and dinner services, the gastronomic offer is usually made through a menu or a la carte. The menu includes the portion of food that is served daily. And the à la carte dishes contain the chef’s specialties that are prepared in the kitchen to serve the customer whenever they want.

In addition to managing the Food & Beverage area well to increase the quality of the gastronomic experience, we must consider: purchasing management, the selection of suppliers and the importance of negotiations with them; setting the price at which to sell, to determine the profit margin; marketing and communication strategies, to offer restaurant services to customers; the management of reservations, whether for hotel guests or external clients; and, finally, the organization of the room team and their training regarding food and beverage service, so that the entire set of services works perfectly.

Guidelines to improve Food & Beverage in your hotel

Currently, the hotel sector is more competitive worldwide due to the multiple offers that are developed in the industry and due to the demands of guests. The restaurant service is what has begun to take on more importance for hoteliers, but for some establishments keeping up with the latest trends is not too easy, either due to the initial infrastructure of the hotel or the lack of cuisine. Next, we show the solutions offered by having a QualityFry equipment.

QualityFry, a 24/7 kitchen service

For any small hotel, which works only to offer lodging services and does not have a kitchen; or, that it has a kitchen to offer only breakfast to its guests. QualityFry and its smoke-free and odor-free equipment help to offer a Food & Beverage service in your establishment, because it can work without the installation of kitchens, without the need for a smoke vent and without an extractor hood.

The innovative filter system incorporated in the entire range of QualityFry fryers, makes it an ideal equipment for this type of hotels, because it does not need to carry out additional works, the equipment is made to cook without producing smoke, minimizing the odors of frying and allowing frying different foods in the same oil without mixing their flavors. Offering a business opportunity to these establishments to increase their revenue by adding an attractive menu for guests.

QualityFry, plug & play kitchen

For those hotels that usually have a 12-hour food service and offer a menu for guests, the QualityFry equipment offers the possibility of creating a varied menu with fresh, frozen, sweet and salty foods at their optimum point, in record time and at fully automatically. Expanding the menu in your restaurant service and focusing it to attract customers who do not necessarily stay at your hotel is a great strategy to position your brand and attract and retain your current customers.

Another advantage is that the brand’s equipment is Plug & Play, that is, they only need an electrical outlet to start cooking, since it is a single-phase equipment. In addition, they can be installed in different locations offering autonomy and mobility thanks to their reduced dimensions. Kitchen space will not be a problem.

QualityFry. No fumes. No odors.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the QualityFry range of equipment offers large hotel chains the possibility of creating an extra mini-card or having 24-hour room service without depending on the restaurant’s kitchens.

Fry, regenerate and seal. You will be able to offer a perfect frying in a simple and profitable way with high turnover products, whether fresh, frozen, sweet or salty. It also offers you the option of regeneration that recovers the golden and crisp surface of any food, even if it takes time to cook. Finally, you can seal the food, preserving the juices, flavor and nutritional properties of the same.

The speed of preparation is one of the advantages that QualityFry offers you, its frying times are between 2 and 3 minutes for any type of products, being able to program up to 6 products at the same time; two in the frying chamber and four in the carrousel on stand by. In this way, you can make French fries in 2:30 min and a serving of croquettes in 3 min at the same time, while you have four other different products waiting. All this in record time and fully automatically.

These equipment are ideal for placing in sports areas, swimming pools, golf courses, etc. to provide an alternative snack at meeting points and satisfy the needs of your target audience at all hours of the day.

On the other hand, its simple and fast handling allows to eliminate the errors of manipulation by the personnel; And, the most important thing is that it allows you to standardize the kitchen processes among the hotels in your chain. Thus, each service and each product that you offer will have the same quality standard in all your establishments.

Creating a wide gastronomic offer is a plus that you must include in your establishment’s innovation strategy and constantly updating it will bring great results to your business and your brand.

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