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Healthy frying: the secret recipe of QualityFry

Healthy frying is conditioned by the equipment used, the frying technique applied and the selection and care of the oil. Frying sustainable and profitable way considering these three elements is the recipe best kept by QualityFry.

Frying is a culinary technique that can be as healthy as any other, it has even been verified that it retains the nutrients of food more efficiently. Frying by immersion preserves twice the vitamin C of a food than during cooking.

The new gastronomic trends aligned with a healthy consumption, have led chefs and businessmen to worry about the quality of their menu of fried foods, being these one of the most profitable products for the catering businesses.

The investment in healthy frying becomes an investment that improves the profit account in the short term, and in the long term contributes to managing the reputation of the brand, customer loyalty and extending the proposal to new segments of consumers.

QualityFry introduces in the foodservice sector a new and revolutionary hospitality machinery whose pioneering technology achieves a perfect, healthy frying and without mixing of flavors. The ecofry technology achieves a  crispy texture of breading, the attractive tones in the browning of frying  and, above all, preserves the nutritional values of the food.

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The ecofry technology developed in the QualityFry range of fryers has been recognized with the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, and as a beneficiary of the SME Instrument project Phase 2.

How does the QualityFry range of fryers achieve a healthy frying?

1-The Fryers have an advanced filter system

They have a built-in smoke extraction system, which allows frying without light, with barely any oxygen, and eliminating active particles and water from the oil, keeping it free of food scraps and prolonging its useful life. Additionally, it minimises losses of heat and maintains the temperature of the oil without alterations during frying. These attributes and some other little secret, manage to avoid the emission of fumes and odors, the mixture of flavors and the excess of fat, differentiating itself from the rest of equipments.

2-Fry by immersion

During the process of frying by immersion at high temperatures (190 º C) the food is immersed in the oil covering it in a homogeneous way, but the proximity to the surface facilitates the evaporation of the water contained inside. Only a minimal amount of oil penetrates inside the food. The “pores” of the product close quickly during frying, which also prevents the food transmits its flavor to another one, even if they are fried at the same time and in the same oil.

3-Shorten cooking times

Cooking times are 27% shorter than in traditional frying machines. The contact of the food with the oil is superficial and there is a minimum absorption of fat, achieving a healthy frying that maintains all its dietary and nutritional properties.

4-Reduce the consumption of fats absorbed by the product

In a properly fried food only a minimum amount of oil should reach the inside of the product. According to the controls carried out by accredited external companies (ENAC) ** QualityFry fryers consume 37% less oil than a traditional fryer. For frying 12.5 kg of frozen potatoes the automatic fryer consumes 0.66 liters, while a standard fryer consumes 1.06 liters for the same quantity of product.

5-Keep stable the oil temperature

It is essential to keep the oil temperature stable during the frying process and the most optimal way is through automated processes. The ideal range for frying a food is based on the type of oil used and the characteristics, size and coverage required by each product. The product must be extracted from the oil at the right time and this can only be achieved with an advanced fryer that controls cooking times, an advantage that is difficult to achieve with a traditional fryer.

6-Reduce the degradation of frying oil

The oxidation process of the oil is produced by the presence of oxygen in the air and is accelerated by light. Oxidation is responsible for an increase in the viscosity and the darkening of the oil, as well as the formation of foams and the development of anomalous tastes and odors.

According to the tests carried out on QualityFry fryers by certification companies, after frying 64 rations of 200 grams of potatoes, no degradation of the oil was observed, due to the low concentration of oxygen, the absence of light and the extraction of frying vapors. In addition, it is built in stainless steel which reduces the degradation of the oil during frying, improving the quality of the result.

Finally, the proper use of oil is one of the keys to healthy frying. The oil provides flavor, appearance and texture to the fried food. Contrary to popular belief, which holds that frying with olive oil or high oleic sunflower is wasting the product, olive oil is the fat that best preserves the properties of fried foods. The high oleic sunflower oil has a fat composition very similar to olive oil, with 80% oleic acid content, which is more stable to heat and better resists the frying temperature.

** Study and certification carried out by SGS: electrical consumption No. Ref. 02-911-242505, oil consumption No. Ref. 91117/507076 / AF / 17.