La General trusts in the QualityFry equipment to innovate its menu
QUALITYFRY Client Stories La General trusts in the QualityFry equipment to innovate the menu of its restaurant

La General trusts in the QualityFry equipment to innovate the menu of its restaurant

From the begining, La General from Al Traste Grouplocated in Planeta 3 Street – Madrid, founded by two brothers and partners, from a family of hoteliers, had the target of being a welcoming place where to eat or have a drink at any time of the day with a personalized service and a wide gastronomic offer.

After 27 years of continuous learning and success, Joaquín, one of the group’s partners, knows for sure that quality and customer experienceare the keys in his restaurant, that is why, he trusts in the QualityFry equipment to help him with his purpose. “It doesn’t matter if you come to my restaurant today and have a good experience, but when you return you don´t like it because was different to your expectations”.

“Quality standards in the hospitality industry are very difficult to maintain basically because the products are not screws, but we have to try to make them so,” adds Joaquín.

“The difficult thing is not to do it well, but to do it the same”, La General

His experience and his entrepreneur spirit has taken him to put into practice everything he learned abroad, being the most important being: economic control, work systems, process systematization, kitchen technical sheets and product standardization. “Each article is approved and registered in our system, there is nothing here that has not been previously tested, accepted and registered, based on the format in which it comes, in which it is received, in which it is stored and in which it is going to be use”.

La General’s kitchen is constantly evolving, that is why, it has had to innovate its equipment as well. “We used to prepare all the hot meal with another machine and a small steam convection oven until a few months ago. The iQ 630 Carrousel has given us the possibility to add a new range of products in our menu that we would not be able to prepare if we did not have a fryer, such as serving croquettes and hamburgers. But, specially, offload work to another similar machine, but with much more fluidity and speed”.

“We prepare all the processes with the QualityFry fryer and it works continuously from noon to 11pm, it does not stop at any time.” “It is not in my plans to put a normal fryer. The QualityFry equipment is ease of use, automatic and we can program the frying time of the products. While it’s frying some wings, it allows you to forget about the fryer for 12 min. In the kitchen, that’s a lot of time, so I can focus on another task while the fryer is working. With other equipments, the cook (Chef) has to be aware to take out the product when it is ready”.

The future is looking bright for La General, as they keep testing more new products for their menu. “We are preparing a menu with more protein and other products that are not directly associated with fried food. I mean, for example , the artichoke season will arrive soon, which will be browned in the fryer, we also have the pork tenderloin with sauces. And well, we are also going to incorporate the french fries that are not on our menu now and the fried sweet potato when the season comes too. We have the possibility to introduce more products within our limitations”.