With 140,000 visitors from141 countries,the XX edition of the Fair of Food and Beverages 2014, not only has left records, and the highest concentration of Spanish chef with Michelin stars per square meter, also, and above all, it has left us, a lot of product. Singular products, futuristic, innovative. Social networks have done us to salivate these days with post, twitters, photos and hahstags dedicated to products that have swollen our list of culinary desires But what has brought Europe’s biggest food fair in terms of frying?

Among more than 300 new products launched in Alimentaria 2014 has been noticeable the tendency toward the use of the healthiest, most ecological and functional ingredients. From the products linked to the process of frying, olive oil has been the star, with a versatility never seen before. Countless flavours, applications -¡to highlight the skimmed yoghurt of olive oil!- and new creations that have placed emphasis in the traceability* of product and its impact on health. The brand La Española has advanced an olive oil that incorporates Omega 3, to help to fight and to prevent cardiovascular disease and regulate blood pressure.


Innoval Prizes 2014: Dough for churros in spray of New Food Spray and Fingerfoodballs by SceltaMushrooms, prize to the best international innovation

Among the most innovative products in market,New Food Spray ,promoted by the chef Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz),has obtained the Innoval Prize in the category of not milk chilled and fresh products with its spray to make churros, croquettes, tempura and couches in and easy and fast way. This product, as our fryer Fast Chef Elite , gets, what used to cost several hours is reached in a few minutes. Could you imagine to apply a tempura dough with spray on the vegetables to fry in 3 minutes and serve immediately? A revolution business fast good or fast food that opt for reasonable prices but with a high quality in their tapas menu.

Frying, as common denominator in the tapa world, has got that large and small brands, that appear inAlimentaria 2014, dedicate huge efforts of I+D+i to the development of frozen and precooked craft products -without preservatives- that have had great success in food and beverage. An example of it are the gastronomic croquettes and the coated Ameztoi precooked Sutegui, products that has only the lack of frying (note with Fast Chef Elite) to be served and tasted, what supposes very little time of preparing and cost savings.


Brave churros, launched in Alimentaria 2014 by Comaxurros.

It is interesting to pint out that the prize to the best international innovation in Alimentaria 2014 was obtained a frying product: the Fingerfoodballs, some breaded delights based on vegetables that contribute the 25% of the daily recommended consumption of vegetables, signed by the Dutch brand Scelta Mushrooms. And finally, a special mention to which is already considered the tendency in frying: the neochurros. Launched by Lluís Estrada (Comaxurros) in Alimentaria Experiencie, have caused sensation in the culinary social networking, combining traditional churro, though salty, with ham filled, cheese Majorcan sausage, salsa, mushroom sauce… Comaxurros appears as “The Fried Community” , and expresses the intention to create a suitable language around frying doughs. For now, their shop selling churros in Barcelona is getting all worked up.

Traceability*: set of procedures that permit to know the history,location and path of a product.

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