Let's go summer tapas with QualityFry
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Let’s go summer tapas with QualityFry

With the arrival of summer, the terraces begin to “bloom” and fill up the streets of our neighborhoods. The joy that comes with rising temperatures, leads us to go out more than during the rest of the year. Thus, the passerby seeks refreshment under the shade of the umbrellas and the consumption of refreshing drinks in bars and restaurants increases, but these drinks must be accompanied by the most typical of accompaniments: the tapa. In the summer, tapas are part of our diet and are usually closely linked to fresh products, shuch as vegetables and salads, but above all, whether we are near the coast or not, they tend to be closely linked to seafoodalluding to sun and beach tourism, so precious. Fancy going for summer tapas with QualityFry?

For this reason, we present the solution for your restaurant business, a complete tapas menu, where any of the QualityFry iQ modelscan be the solution which not leave your guests indifferent, in addition, we share with you the frying times so that you can cook as soon as you finish reading this article:

In this way we want to help you to improve your gastronomic offer:

You can also cook, vegan tapas, asian tapasto give an exotic touch to your proposal; and an endless number of elaborations that will help you to improve your dishes in an agile way or to create a new menu from scratch.

In addition, you will generate your creations without smoke or odors, thanks to ourEcoFry technology, which will create a healthier environment that your employees and customers will appreciate on the hottest days. Moreover, thanks to their design, QualityFry fryers can cook two products at the same time, without mixing flavors; also be able to leave several products on standby so you can meet the increased demands of your business during the summer months and thanks to the automation of the frying processes, you will not have to have an operator all the time pending the cooking of the products.

And that’s not all, QualityFry through its professional fryers, can offer you much more, so request a free demo and you can see first-hand all the advantages and versatility of the iQ models.

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