Oriental gastronomy: 7 quick and easy recipes with QualityFry
QUALITYFRY Our Blog Oriental gastronomy: 7 quick and easy recipes with QualityFry

Oriental gastronomy: 7 quick and easy recipes with QualityFry

Oriental gastronomy has more than three thousand years of existence and is considered one of the oldest and most concerned with the search for balance and contrast in the fusion of its flavors.

The use of fresh ingredients, cereals and the high consumption of fruits and vegetables make oriental cuisine a totally attractive and delicious culinary experience for any consumer. For this reason, at QualityFry, we give you some ideas to surprise your customers with an oriental menu with varied options prepared in our iQ 630 Carrousel equipment.

Let´s start!

Oriental menu with the iQ 630 Carousel

For today’s menu, our chef has recreated some typical oriental dishes such as gyozas stuffed with chicken with soy sauce, you can use the gyozas that you like the most. In turn, some samosas with sweet and sour sauce, the famous spring rolls, shrimp bread and wan tung, ideal to serve with our dishes.

All these products are prepared in record time in our machine and with a finish free of excess oil.

On the other hand, a special dish that we love to prepare in our equipment and that is perfect, is the tuna tataki, with a short time in the hot oil it is well marked on the outside and raw on the inside, at its point and served with wasabi sauce.

And finally, some torpedo shrimps made with shrimps marinated in garlic and parsley and wrapped in crunchy rice batter. An unmissable proposal to add to your menu.

Next, we share with you the frying time for each product to obtain a perfect and crunchy finish. Oil temperature 180º.

  • Gyoza 2’30”
  • Prawn crackers 0’30”
  • Tuna Tataki 1’15”
  • Spring rolls 3’00”
  • Samosa 3’00”
  • Torpedo Shrimps 3’00”
  • Wan tung 2’30”

*Frozen products were used to prepare the menu, except for the tuna tataki, which was a fresh product.

With the iQ 630 Carrousel model you can prepare all kinds of menus and for any occasion, you can review here our proposal for a vegan menu and a special anniversary banquet.

The main feature of this fryer is that it is ideal for managing a high demand for food, achieving a product in record time and with a perfect finish. It has an innovative closed and vertical frying module that allows frying in the absence of light, with hardly any oxygen, minimizing heat loss and ensuring the constant temperature of the oil during frying.

The iQ 630 Carrousel has an oil capacity in the tank of 5.5 liters and has two frying systems: individual, 250 g per serving, it fries 2 products at the same time and since it has a carousel with 4 compartments in the product input hopper,you can program up to 4 more products.

And, in large portions, 600 g per portion, in such a way that one product is frying while 4 other products are program on stand by.

In addition, it has an intelligent display (5″ touch screen) that allows intuitive control of cooking programs and fast and efficient monitoring of the entire machine. From the display you can program 8 different timesfor the products. An easy-to-use and versatile equipment to create a wide variety of foods.

The technology developed by QualityFry in all their equipment has been approved in the European Union through the CE marking and the Seal of Excellence. The innovative character of QualityFry has been recognised by the European Commission and the company has been awarded the Seal of Excellence within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, which promotes industrial leadership in Europe and strengthens the scientific foundations of business projects.

If you need help preparing your restaurant’s menu, here you have some ideas or request a demo and we’ll show you how our technology works and all the variety of dishes you can make with a single equipment.