Making the difference: QualityFry's own R&D
QUALITYFRY News Making the difference: QualityFry’s own R&D

Making the difference: QualityFry’s own R&D

It is important to generate internal processes in all companies, thus creating a comprehensive quality control of all processes, procedures, product development or even employee protocols. Therefore, it is of paramount to create an in-house R&D department so that the management of technology and its development is completely internal and, thus, controllable from within the company.

In this regard, QualityFry, since its foundation in 2012, has its own R&D department, where it has been developing the technology of its fryers and all the advances that have been improving them, generation by generation of models and ranges. For this reason, the R&D department of QualityFry, has a number of professionals who, from their specific fields (Metal Design, Electronic Design, Electronic Design Engineering, etc.), help to purify the EcoFry system and optimize the iQ deep fryer models, optimizing day by day its user-friendliness and, therefore, improving the customer experience.


Consequently, QualityFry has a proprietary technology to which is added aquality control from start to finish. Since, thanks to various procedures, which start at the root of product development and technology, it can be argued that no detail is left to chance and the supervision of each and every iQ fryer is carried out: from the origin of the idea, to the manufacturing and testing of each product., adding the validation of all of its components.

All these factors have led QualityFry to generate several patents, owned by the company itself, which make its product unique and its proposal exceptional.

In summary, at QualityFry product quality and self-developed product control are the top priorities, which results in in an improvement of service quality and in a total quality concept. All of this would be unthinkable without an in-house R&D department guiding all phases of development.

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