Food&Beverage: Monetized all the corners of your hotel
QUALITYFRY Blog Monetized all the corners of your hotel with a Food&Beverage service

Monetized all the corners of your hotel with a Food&Beverage service

At QualityFry we are aware of the opportunities that Food&Beverage represents in the hospitality industry to increase profitability, create a remarkable brand, attract customers and build customer loyalty. Therefore, we present some key strategies to promote this catering service with the intelligent and automatic technology of iQ equipment and add value to the gastronomic offer of your hotel.

Main problems of offering a 24h food service in a hotel

Although the main offer of the hotels is the lodging service, the innovation and management of the Food & Beverage department is one of the fundamental pillars to increase the volume of income of the establishment.

Before the brand can be positioned in the industry, hoteliers face several challenges in order to make the service work properly. Having the gastronomic offer limited to the hotel’s kitchen hours is one of the main barriers, since customers do not have a menu of hot dishes to be consumed at any time of the day and in any place within the hotel.

This, in addition to the lack of trained personnel or cooks to prepare a hot menu for room service, is another problem that must be solved in order to start up this catering service.

On the other hand, the opportunity cost of having unprofitable space available is reflected every month in the income statement, which is a nightmare for the hotel management.

Hotel: The solution for a quality food & beverage service

Satisfying the culinary needs of your guests is a task for a team of trained professionals and hospitality equipment that offers advantages to make all available hotel spaces profitable and adapt the offer in such a way that it brings value to customers.

Here are the solutions offered by QualityFry professional kitchen equipment.

High quality gastronomy 24/7

With the iQ models you can offer non-stop service without depending on the restaurant’s open kitchens. It is able to cook in a fully automatic and autonomous way as it does not need specialized personnel or an exclusive cook to use the equipment. Minimal waiter intervention is required and the product is ready to serve.

In addition, it offers the possibility of creating a varied menu with fresh, frozen, sweet and savory foods at their optimum point, in record time and with a quality superior to that obtained in a conventional fryer.

Expanding the menu in your catering service and focusing it to attract customers who do not necessarily stay at your hotel is a great strategy to position your brand, attract and retain your current customers.

Plug & play kitchen

Another advantage is that the brand’s equipment is Plug & Play, that is, they only need an electrical outlet to start cooking, since it is a single-phase equipment. In addition, they can be installed in different locations offering autonomy and mobility thanks to their reduced dimensions.

This equipment is ideal to be placed at the reception, sports areas, swimming pools, beach area, buffet area, golf courses, etc. to provide a snack alternative at meeting points and satisfy the needs of your target audience at all hours of the day. Kitchen space will not be a problem.

NO SMOKE. No odors or mixed flavors

The innovative filter system incorporated in the entire range of QualityFry equipment makes it ideal for hotels, since, no additional work is required. The equipment is designed to cook by totally eliminating fumes, radically minimizing frying odors and allowing different foods to be fried in the same oil without mixing their flavors. Offering a business opportunity for these establishments to increase their bottom line by adding an attractive menu for their guests at any time of the day.

Fry, regenerate and seal. You will be able to offer a complete gastronomic offer in a simple and profitable way with high rotation products.. It also offers you the option of regeneration that recovers the golden and crispy surface of any food, even if it has been cooked for a long time. Finally, you will be able to seal the food, preserving its juices, flavor and nutritional properties.

Standardization and optimization of hotel cooking processes

Its simple and fast operation eliminates handling errors by personnel; and, most importantly, it allows you to standardize kitchen processes among the hotels in your chain. This way, every service and every product you offer will have the same quality standard in all your establishments regardless of the day or the operator using the machine.

The speed of preparation is one of the advantages offered by QualityFry, its frying times are between 2 and 3 minutes for any type of product, pudiendo up to 6 products can be programmed at the same time; two in the frying chamber and four in the standby carousel. In this way, you can make French fries in 2:30 minutes and a portion of croquettes in 3 minutes at the same time, while you have four other different products on standby. All this in record time and fully automatically.

Creating a gastronomic offer that goes beyond the breakfast service or the functional cafeteria is a plus that you must include in the innovation strategy of your establishment and evolving that menu to the areas where there is more concentration in your hotel will bring great benefits for the brand.