Monoprix together with QualityFry to expand its offer: "prêt a manger"
QUALITYFRY News Monoprix trusts QualityFry to expand its offer “prêt a manger”

Monoprix trusts QualityFry to expand its offer “prêt a manger”

The French supermarket chain Monoprix continues to reinforce its strategy of offering ready-to-go food with QualityFry equipment.

Monoprix extends its offer: “Prêt a manger”

The French chain of supermarkets Monoprix, belonging to Grupo Casino, seeks to reinforce its strategy of offering take away food, in all supermarkets belonging to the chain, including among its equipment the automatic fryers without smoke and without odors from QualityFry. The purpose of using the QualityFry equipment is to offer Monoprix supermarkets, make any type of fried products in record time, with high quality and with an excellent organoleptic appreciation.

The model chosen by Monoprix for its strategy is the iQ 640 FES Carrousel with integrated Fire Extinguishing System, the most innovative, complete and safe equipment on the market. QualityFry equipment is designed based on high energy efficiency, which guarantees a 24% reduction in electricity consumption, a 37% reduction in oil consumption and a 27% reduction in frying time, a characteristic that makes them ideal for FoodService and retail.



The objective of the French chain is to install 150 machines iQ 640 FES Carrousel distributed among all its establishments, its first installations will be in the supermarkets of the capital in Paris. In addition, as part of its international development, Monoprix expects to double sales to 10 billion euros in the next decade, expanding the business in Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.