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QUALITYFRY Blog Portable cooking equipment: event and catering solutions

Portable cooking equipment: event and catering solutions

In the world of gastronomy, versatility and efficiency are essential, especially in the events and catering sector, where time and space are scarce and precious resources, given the high level of customization involved in each service, in order to adapt to the client’s space. Portable cooking equipment, such as QualityFry iQ equipment, offer innovative solutions to meet these needs, providing flexibility and quality in the preparation of food anywhere, and its versatility makes a compact kitchen equipment, an oven, a fryer and a griddle, which also generates a healthy environment for diners and kitchen operators, since it does not emit fumes or odors, which makes this equipment highly customizable to the spaces that customers usually offer to install a portable kitchen to celebrate their event.

Advantages of iQ equipment

Portability and flexibility

Our cooking equipment is compact, which makes it an excellent choice for ideal solution for events and catering services, since this type of service must be adapted to different spaces, most of them small, in order to prepare the recipes that will be distributed among the guests. Its design allows a quick installation, facilitating the transfer between different locations without complications, regardless of the type of space, indoors or outdoors.


They are designed to be energy efficient, cooking in a closed chamber, the heat is concentrated and maintained. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also minimizes environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for both indoor and outdoor events, and thanks to its technology Ecofry, emits no smokes or odors, creating a healthy environment for operators, waiters and guests. In addition, it also reduces oil consumption and cooking times, this is very convenient during the fast pace of events.


3 equipment in 1

Thanks to their advanced technology, iQ equipment guarantees quality in the preparation of your recipes. Its automatic and intelligent cooking system ensures that each food is cooked to perfection and, depending on the nature of the product, we can obtain a baked, fried or grilled finish, as the iQ can behave like an oven, a deep fryer or a grill, maintaining optimum flavor and texture.

Hygiene and safety

The smoke-free frying technology of the iQ equipment significantly improves working conditions, eliminating the risk of burns and splashes, since its closed design means that the oil is isolated in the frying chamber, protecting both the kitchen staff and the guests.

In summary, QualityFry’s iQ equipment represents the advanced and versatile solution for the catering and event industry. Their portability, energy efficiency and ability to guarantee the best quality in the kitchen make them an indispensable tool for gastronomy professionals. By integrating innovative, intelligent and sustainable technologies, QualityFry continues to lead the way in the evolution of cooking equipment, offering products that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of its users.


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