QualityFry and its commitment to the needy
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry and its commitment to the needy

QualityFry and its commitment to the needy

It is real, the poverty threshold is becoming more and more affordable for any citizen. inflation and its consequent rise in the cost of living in terms of housing, food and other basic items for the performance of vital functions, every day increase their price, so that certain entities are becoming increasingly relevant in our environment in their social commitment, such as soup kitchens.

At QualityFry, there is a commitment to the fight against food waste, and, thanks to its in-house technology, the food regeneration not be tedious or time-consuming, because in only 30 seconds on any of the QualityFry iQ models, a food as if it were freshly cooked can be enjoyed , in terms of taste, texture and nutrients. This prevents it from ending up in the garbage because it has been cooked beforehand and has not been consumed in a short period of time.

This time QualityFry has gone a step further in its fight against food waste and its social awareness, and is that, in the QualityFry factory (San Román de Bembibre, León), several cooking processes are carried out, since before any of the iQ models leave the QualityFry facilities, real tests are developed, which consist of cooking foods of different nature, in high oleic sunflower oil, to see how they behave and check that the operation of the fryer is optimal.

This time, from a social commitment, QualityFry has started a proprietary initiative, in which all food cooked and perfectly consumable, will be donated daily to the Ponferrada soup kitchen and homeless shelter.

From fresh food, to frozen foodr with certain simple elaborations, within the world of vegetables, fish or meat.In addition, as agreed at the beginning of this collaboration, the Ponferrada soup kitchen collects daily the food that has been cooked in the QualityFry facilities, just before the meal service time, so that the attendees can enjoy the frying quality offered by the QualityFry fryers: crunchy food, with the perfect texture and flavor for consumption.

Thanks to this collaboration, which arose from the observation of QualityFry’s workers, when they saw that their own consumption could not finish with all the cooked product after the operation tests, a further proof that QualityFry performs actions that can help society, with small gestures, but which, for many, are surely very significant.

From QualityFry, we thank the Ponferrada soup kitchen and homeless shelter, for having listened and supported this initiative to bring the quality of QualityFry’s healthy fried food to the most needy.

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