QualityFry beyond its limits: open innovation
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry beyond its limits: open innovation

QualityFry beyond its limits: open innovation

Technological advances, especially in the digital age, are a reality to which companies have to adapt, even faster than internal changes. New software solutions, which generate better user experiences, the IoT breakthrough ((Internet of Things) the irruption of IoT in daily life or even different fields of study in Electronic Engineering, make processes in all areas of our day-to-day increasingly simpler and easier to execute. But not all the companies have enough resources to keep up with all the changes in innovation, that is when the figure of open innovation arises.

QualityFry, its desire to better itself and adapt to change, has gone beyond its own limits, developing cooperation with organizations, or with external professionals in specific fields, in order to find solutions that improve the product, which will result in a much more satisfactory and beneficial customer experience.

Innovation is a challenge in all senses, but not all of us are able to access it from the current capabilities, therefore, it is necessary to outsource certain areas to expand what exists internally, extrapolate our own limits and access new forms of improvement. This leads to a continuous advancement in EcoFry, technology, constant progress in the design of the iQ deep fryer models and an uninterrupted evolution and integration of that into the product.

Thanks to the figure of open innovation, QualityFry is imposing itself on reality and increasing its capabilities together with its partners specialized in specific fields that improve product quality in all its senses.

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