Fairs: QualityFry boosts its presence in Europe with its iQ equipment
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry boosts its presence in Europe by attending fairs in Italy, Spain and Austria

QualityFry boosts its presence in Europe by attending fairs in Italy, Spain and Austria

QualityFry starts March on the right foot by reaffirming its presence in Europe through its participation in various fairs in Italy, Spain and Austria taking the progress of professional cooking through the design and manufacture of smokeless and odorless automatic frying technology,which can only be achieved with the brand’s iQ models.


Tirreno CT Italy

From February 26 to March 1, Tirreno CT celebrated its 43rd edition with the aim of promoting hotels, restaurants and tourism through professional initiatives of great interest, capable of involving all operators in the respective sectors of activity.

QualityFry’s ecofry technology was present by the hand of its distributor Toscarredi at the Carrara fairgrounds where, in front of more than 50,000 visitors, our iQ 630 Carrousel, iQ 640 FES Carrousel and the iQ 1000 Carrousel model demonstrated, in front of an increasingly competitive and demanding in the search for new formulas to do business, which it is possible to fry sustainably and with high profitability..

Smoke-free cooking -or being able to offer gastronomy in any space and business model without the need for smoke and odor extraction facilities-is one of the most interesting advantages for businessmen, chefs, managers and European strategic buyers who manage restaurants, hotels , bars, bakeries, pizzerias, or retail such as supermarkets and gas stations.

Tirreno CT, is a true point of reference for the hospitality sector throughout central Italy, since it offers a wide vision of tourism, commercial and hotel innovations. In addition to the fact that its convening capacity continues to attract thousands of economic operators from trade associations, more and more qualified exhibitors, conferences and round tables on current issues, tastings, international competitions, demonstrations, they continue to be the key to the success of the event.

HIP Spain

QualityFry participated in the seventh edition of HIP to be part of its unlimited passion for innovation, sustainability and social impact. The fair was held from March 6 to 8 at IFEMA in Madrid and was very well received by visitors and professionals from the sector whose purpose is to highlight the enthusiasm of the sector for leaving behind the difficulties of recent seasons and putting everyone’s passion on the table the actors of the hospitality industry for creating comprehensive, unique and differentiating experiences, which, in the words of representatives of the hotel and catering sector, will translate into significant investments in 2023.

Within this framework, QualityFry, together with its distributor Más Bar, brought its range of fryers without smoke or odors to show that ecofry technology -which is incorporated into its entire line of fryers- facilitates sustainable, healthy cooking, without emissions environmental and more energy efficient. During the 3 days of the fair, the attendees were able to verify the quality of the frying of very different products that can be fried at the same time, in the same oil and without mixing their flavors.

The brand’s iQ models are ideal for supporting hotels, convenience stores, kiosks, train stations, airports, shopping centers, among other businesses, since it allows you to create a wide gastronomic offer with quality products and in record time.


On March 6 and 7 we were presenting our equipment at the Kastner Gourmet Fair in Bad Vöslau Austria together with our distributor Komidatek. An innovative trade fair concept proposing a combination of online and face-to-face fair.

QualityFry fryers presented their technology for healthy, sustainable, smokeless and odorless frying, which will be revolutionizing the world of professional cooking. Food prepared with the entire range of iQ QualityFry fryers incorporates ecofry technology that allows shortens frying times by 27% and reduce oil consumption by 37%,which represents, not only an improvement in product performance, but also a lower content of greases absorbed by the food, obtaining a healthier and higher quality frying.

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