QualityFry continues to focus on quality in all areas of its business
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry continues to focus on quality in all areas of its business

QualityFry continues to focus on quality in all areas of its business

Since QualityFry was founded, the comapny has been tracing its path within the highest and strictest international quality standards. For this reason, QualityFry has always been committed to having, obtaining and continuing to evolve within the ISO certifications, thanks to this, QualityFry has the renewal of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world federation of national standards organizations (ISO member organizations), which grants and creates the standards to which public and private companies can access, provided that an audit certifies that the organization follows the regulations imposed by ISO. One of the standards created by ISO is the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, which deals with business quality management in all its areas.

The adoption of a quality management system by a company is one of the most important strategic decisions, that help to improve the performance of the organization and provide the basis for its sustainable development. In this way, the benefits for the company increase in terms of the ability to provide products that meet customer needs, enhance customer satisfaction, or address risks and opportunities in line with strategic objectives. Moreover, this International Standard employs the process approach, which incorporates the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and risk-based thinking.

The fact that the requirements imposed by this International Standard are sustainable over time has resulted in an imminent renewal audit being all the departments and processes that are carried out within the organization, with a high involvement in this procedure, and complying step by step with the specifications of each chapter by the certifier.

In addition, thanks to this certification, QualityFry ensures that its products, manufacturing processes and, in general, the entire business management, follow the principles of quality management, based on the following strategic pillars:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Commitment of individuals
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Relationship management

In this way, QualityFry demonstrates that the concept and practice of quality must be inserted from its base and external companies certify that this is so, through this type of renovations, which is reflected as a reward for good performance.

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