QualityFry distributes in The Netherlands by the hands of JC Benelux
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry distributes its equipment in The Netherlands by the hand of JC Benelux

QualityFry distributes its equipment in The Netherlands by the hand of JC Benelux

QualityFry strengthens its strategic alliance with JC Benelux, who with their extensive experience and resources bring the automation of frying through QualityFry’s iQ smokeless and odorless equipment to northwestern Europe to provide solutions of the demanding technology and automation market for the hospitality and food service sector. This time, David Voorheijen, Operations Manager of the brand in the Netherlands, has granted us his time for an interview to know better Juice Concepts Benelux.

Juice Concepts Benelux started many years ago, with a different name selling machines such as: ice-cream machines, artisanal machines and ice-cream cabinets to the Dutch Retail and Horeca market. Since then, they have worked very hard to establish a good name and reputation. Ten years ago, they have added another brand to their portfolio, also expanding its clients from the Dutch retail market and Horeca businesses, to hotel chains, national and international caterers, and many individual companies.

With the benefit of their extensive network, they added QualityFry fryers to their portfolio about 3 years ago. “We believe that this unique machine can be the perfect solution for many Dutch entrepreneurs”, says David.
Juice Concepts is located in Bladel, centrally in the Benelux. From their facilities, they do not only distribute our machines, but they also have their own service department, with qualified engineers to support their customers. Its management for a fast and efficient service is one of the reasons for its constant growth over time.
In David’s words: ” We notice that our customers are choosing QualityFry for its internal filter system and because they have the flexibility to place the machine anywhere in their restaurant. Also, this unique filter system gives this customer the possibility to fry at any location, where in the past they weren’t able to do this, because of building restrictions or legislation, since they do not need a smoke outlet or extraction hood to use the QualityFry iQ models”.
Another great advance for our customers is the savings on energy and oil. The current gas prices are an argument to change to QualityFry instead of keeping their conventional fryer.
Additionally saving on labor costs is an advance for our clients. It is currently difficult to find staff. Being able to program the fryer, the fact the machine can work on itself and that you don’t need specialized people to work safely is a great benefit of QualityFry“, says David.

If you have a Horeca or Retail business in The Netherlands, and you are interested in receiving more information about this automatic frying equipment, feel free to contact Juice Concepts. They have their own sales representatives, who can visit your company and will advise you about the possibilities without any obligations. Also, if you would like to see the machine in action, they are more than happy to book a demo with you in one of their showrooms throughout The Netherlands.

We thank David, and the entire team at JC Benelux, for their time and support in developing QualityFry in this technology-hungry market.

Address: Eikenbos 6 – 8, 5531 MZ Bladel, The Netherlands

Official website: www.qualityfry-nederland.nl

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/qualityfry-nederland

Contact person: David Voorheijen

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