QualityFry gains positions in the French market
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry gains positions in the French market

QualityFry gains positions in the French market

During the last few weeks, QualityFry has made a strong presence in France, and has launched itself into the conquest of the French market, as it has been present, through its local distributor in this territory, BIOGalta, at several major trade shows in the region: Salon de la Boucherie, Charcuterie in Angers, Salon de la Boulangerie et du Chocolat in Bastia, and the specific shows for suppliers of the retail giants Leclerc and Casino.

Thanks to BIOGalta, QualityFry distributor throughout France, with a strong presence in the professional catering equipment market, and its extensive experience in the HORECA and retail sectors; QualityFry deep fryers were able to travel throughout France, relying on the professionalism and expertise of this company and its sales force, and also highlighted the attributes of the brand and its products.

Several events for a single highly versatile product. And thanks to the features of the EcoFrytechnology, developed by QualityFry in all of its IQ deep fryer models, healthy recipes are available everywhere, due to it dies not produce smokes, pso it does not require an extraction system, due to its closed vertical frying design, which also does not produce odors, and allows the simultaneous frying of two products without mixing flavors.

In this way, and thanks to its great adaptability and BIOGalta’s extensive knowledge of the French market, QualityFry deep fryers can be present at charcuterie, chocolate and arious retail events, as they are adaptable to any sector and circumstance. In addition, the breadth of its recipes makes it possible to cook both sweet and savory recipes, as well as frozen or fresh products, always obtaining healthier fried food, thanks to the drying process included in the cooking process.

In the future, it is expected to continue adding challenges and milestones within this country, counting on the exceptional collaboration of BIOGalta and its high knowledge of the territory, to continue expanding the QualityFry culture beyond its borders.

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