Qualityfry in Valladolid National Pintxos and Tapas Contest
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry in the pintxos and tapas contest of international flair

QualityFry in the pintxos and tapas contest of international flair

The XVIII National Contest of Pintxos and Tapas and VI World Championship of Tapas City of Valladolid, where QualityFry will be present jointly with Inhostel, in the Mileno dome in thia city.

On November 7, 8 and 9, 2022, lValladolid will be dressed up in a gastronomic gala, thanks to the celebration of the XVIII Valladolid National Pintxos and Tapas Contest and the VI City of Valladolid World Tapas Championship, the largest gastronomic showcooking event in the world. This great event will be held in the Mileno domein the downtwon of this city of Castilla y León The event will be attended by the 45 best chefs selected from more than 500 proposals received by the organization from all the autonomous communities of the country..

Valladolid is transformed, during these days, into the tapa´s capital city and will be the meeting point of the sector and the best showcase for companies. The call is extended to more than 50 countries, which means that all the international press will be watching this event.

QualityFry, cannot be left behind in this ode to world gastronomy., that is why, through its distributor in the area, Inhostel, whose participation in this event is key as he will be part of the event as a Gold Sponsor, QualityFry iQ models will be more than present in the central space of this event, offering its unparalleled services and amenities at this event.. On the other hand, QuaityFry will count on the magnificent presence of Inhostel’s professionals, whose positioning and great skills in the area will undoubtedly help to enhance the attributes of QualityFry brand and product.

We look forward to the presence of all the world-class specialists and experts at this great event, which has undoubtedly become the most important international event on the subject of tapas and, of course, we hope to see you there!

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